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    Cuba: Ghost Town Paralysed Decades After Soviet Nuclear Project Collapse

    Ghost Town Remains Frozen Decades After Collapse of Soviet Nuclear Project

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    NPP Khuragua is an unfinished nuclear power plant in the province of Cienfuegos, Cuba, located 200 km from Havana.

    In 1976, an agreement between the Soviet Union and Cuba was signed on the construction of two VVER-440/318 type reactors with a capacity of 440 MW each. The power plant was slated to be located in the southern part of Cienfuegos province, near the township of Juragua.

    However, the plans for the completion of construction were thwarted due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the destruction of economic ties between Cuba and the new Russia. Cuba did not have the know-how nor the financial means to unilaterally terminate the construction of the nuclear power plant.

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