05:10 GMT05 April 2020
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    Dozens of tiny blue lakes appear on the surface of Greenland's ice sheet. But their dazzling beauty is misleading; known as supraglacial meltwater lakes, they form atop the glaciers due to global warming.

    When meltwater lakes and filaments become large enough to pry open fissures, they undermine the glaciers, drilling down to the bottom, and increase the level of the global ocean by an average of 1 mm per year. If the melting of ice sheets and glaciers rapidly increases, it might result in a global catastrophe.

    However, according to experts' widespread scenario, this shouldn't happen in the following 1,000 years.


    Climate Change Denial Debunked: Venezuela First Country to Lose All Glaciers
    The New Normal - Melting Glaciers in Swiss Alps to Reveal More Corpses
    Major Meltdown: Alpine Glaciers Rapidly Receding, to Vanish Entirely by 2100
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