07:43 GMT +317 November 2019
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    Explosive Neighborhood: Volcano Erupts Near Nuclear Plant

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    A fiery explosion brightened the night sky over the Japanese city of Kagoshima, as the nearby Sakurajima volcano began erupting.

    The volcano is located some 50km from the Sendai nuclear station. No injuries have been reported, and the state meteorological agency has declared a 2-mile restricted zone around the volcano. The agency warned that settlements on the bottom of Sakurajima could be affected by ash and flying debris.


    Japan Establishes Center to Collect Data on Volcano Sakurajima Eruption
    Japan Volcano Spews 1.3-Mile-High Clouds of Ash
    Cooking Marshmallow in the Heart of a Volcano
    Could This Be the Big One? Major Russian Volcano Erupts Again
    Sakurajima volcano, eruption, nuclear plant, volcano, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
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