06:54 GMT26 January 2021
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    German Engineer Builds WORKING Death Star Armed With Destructive Lasers

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    German laser gadget engineer Patrick Priebe designed a working model of the Death Star - the most intimidating and annihilative weapon in the Star Wars saga. And the creation's laser beams may strike fear into anyone...

    Patrick Priebe arranged 14 six-watt lasers in a circle so that their beams accumulate 84 watts of power at their focal point. This is enough to burn a hole through a high-carbon steel plate within seconds.  

    The German armorer used a volleyball ball as the frame of the model and covered it with several layers of fiberglass. Then he attached light-emitting diodes inside the sphere, so that it can glow when switched on. He spent $4,500 on the project.

    Darth Vader approves!


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