01:56 GMT07 August 2020
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    London Tube Racers Take Challenge to New York Subway

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    James Heptonstall and Noel Carroll, who became YouTube sensations after a video of them racing against a London Tube train went viral, have taken on the busiest subway system in the US.

    "I felt there was quite a lot of pressure on us because we have been successful on the last few challenges we have done," Heptonstall told the London Evening Standard. "There were a few commuters looking at us with our cameras on our heads. When I got back on the train there were a few people smiling because they knew what we were doing. There was some reaction."

    The stateside stunt was filmed in January: Heptonstall ran the 1345-foot distance between Manhattan's Bowling Green and Wall Street stations with seconds to spare.

    The same trip takes the train about 85 seconds.

    Heptonstall, an environmental consultant, and Carroll, a fitness coach, were asked to attempt the feat after Adidas executives noted the success of their "Race the Tube" video, below.


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