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    Russian Documentary Reveals What Putin Thinks About World Order

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    'World Order' is a documentary film produced for Russian TV which aired this December. Vladimir Putin was among those interviewed for the documentary. Sputnik presents the full version of the film with English subtitles.

    The Russian president reveals in an interview with journalist Vladimir Solovyov in the documentary 'World Order', which appeared on Rossiya-1 TV channel, what he really thinks about the world order.


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    • Quite long almost 2 hours will come back later. Looks interesting!
    • A = π r 2
      47:47, 9th March 2011

      'We are holding back migration, also holding back Al Qaeda'

      whatever you think of Gaddafi, and despite the fact that he was probably concerned more about his own grip on power, he warned them all about what would happen if Libya was destabilized - now Europe is cracking under the strain and Sirte is becoming the new HQ of Daesh
    • Ivan Buckeye
      I watched this hoping to get some insight in regard to Russian thinking and perspective. A couple of points stood out for me and one was when Mr. Putin spoke of how analysts concluded about Soviet intelligence agents. Basically, they serve selflessly for their ideological homeland. What an interesting way to view a homeland...an ideological place, one that perhaps doesn't have a particular geography but nonetheless a place where anyone could reside I suppose. Just something I latched onto, but I think this way of seeing is still true to this day. People want to stand for something, probably more so now than ever before considering the upheaval and chaos that seems to be spreading globally. Sadly, some in the world are running amok with ideologies that serve neither their interests nor those at the receiving end of their beliefs. But what Mr. Putin or Mr. Kahn speak of are ideas of justice, a justice that more people than not could commonly agree with and the dire straits we as ordinary people are now facing with the U.S. led destruction and monopolization of economic power. Another thing that Mr.Putin said was about how everyone needs to work together whether we agree or like each other or not. Ordinary folks aren't the decisions that their leaders make and a distinction has to be made between what certain leaders do and the people they represent. I see the economic poverty around me and the lack respect corporate America has for even their fellow Americans, not to mention the world and I can't help but think this is part and parcel to what also is causing wars and destruction abroad. There has to be balance, whether it's the worker versus management, the citizen versus the government, nation versus nation, all of these situations require counter-balances in order to maintain peace and fairness. Maybe I am ill-informed, but I see how the U.S. government/corporation is seeking to subjugate entire nations for their greed and the poverty or struggle here at home is playing out on a large-scale around the globe. Mr.Putin, I hope that you and the strong-willed people of Russia succeed in building a coalition of nations and like minded folks to bring balance to the world. I am just one guy in America, but count me in. I hope the best for this effort you are attempting to build and make manifest.
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