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    Crowdfunding: With All Our Powers Combined

    Do you want to shape the future of filmmaking? Or help in creating a new hi-tech gadget that will become the next big thing on the market? We’ll tell you how. Tune into our special series “Crowdfunding: With All Our Powers Combined”.

    Potato Salad
    11:00 GMT 24 February 2016
    • US dollars
      Last update: 13:38 GMT 26.02.2016
      13:38 GMT 26.02.2016

      Alternative Finance: What’s Around the Corner?

      When crowdfunding started gaining popularity, its advocates did not expect that it would also become a corporate trend. Will the world of alternative finance remain independent? Will peer-to-peer lending revolutionize the way your bank operates? As new versions of the crowdfunding idea arise, there is still no consensus about its future.

      Crowdfunding: With All Our Powers Combined
    • Facebook Takes on Virtual Reality
      Last update: 11:56 GMT 25.02.2016
      11:56 GMT 25.02.2016

      Creating an Alternate Reality

      What defines a popular gadget? Something that consumers want so much that they are even ready to pay for its development and production, and preorder the device long before its release. But how can you gauge whether your prototype is the next big thing? One of the best ways to find out is to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

      Crowdfunding: With All Our Powers Combined
    • Filming begins in Moscow on MMM pyramid scheme movie
      Last update: 11:15 GMT 24.02.2016
      11:15 GMT 24.02.2016

      A Chance to Look Behind the Silver Screen

      If you aren’t a movie buff, you probably wouldn’t know which young directors will make it big in Hollywood. But thanks to online crowdfunding websites, now everyone can invest in the future of filmmaking by supporting dozens of film projects on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

      Crowdfunding: With All Our Powers Combined
    • Crowd
      Last update: 10:48 GMT 24.02.2016
      10:48 GMT 24.02.2016

      Sponsored by the People: From Tiny Gadgets to Giant Statues

      As a form of alternative financing, crowdfunding has recently become one of the most popular ways for people with ideas to raise money for their projects. And whether it’s small gadgets or huge monuments, as it turns out, crowdfunding can be a good, and sometimes the only way of obtaining financing.

      Crowdfunding: With All Our Powers Combined