22:57 GMT +307 December 2019
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    Roscosmos Detects 2 Dangerous Asteroid Flybys in Near Earth Orbit

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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Russian space corporation Roscosmos on Friday said that its space monitoring system had detected two asteroids at dangerously close vicinity to the Earth over the past three months.

    "On 6 November 2019, a previously unknown small asteroid was discovered during the regular monitoring if the geostationary orbit. This asteroid is the second one that the Automated System of Hazardous Situations in near-Earth Space has detected over the past three months", the statement read.

    According to Roscosmos, the asteroid moves in the heliocentric orbit with an orbital period of 2.89 years. The shortest distance between the space body the Earth's centre was 139,410 kilometers (87,000 miles).

    "Estimates suggest that the discovered asteroid is 10-15 meters (33-50 feet), which is equivalent to the meteorite that fell in Chelyabinsk [near Russia's Ural Mountains] on 15 February 2013", the statement added.

    The other asteroid was detected on 28 July at the distance of 187,791 kilometers from the Earth.


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