00:47 GMT25 November 2020
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    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov holds a press conference on Monday on the results of Russian diplomacy in 2017.

    In line with the format of the conference, the Foreign Minister will answer questions from the press about Russia's relRelations with the US, NATO and the EU, the resolution of hostilities in Ukraine, the conflict in Syria, the Korean nuclear crisis and problems affecting the countries of the Middle East region. It is expected that the subjects of contemporary challenges and threats, the fight against terrorism and cyber security will be discussed.

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    Lavrov Holds Press Conference on Russia's 2017 Diplomacy (VIDEO)

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    • 10:19

      Russia Concerned US Will Have Access to Air Defense Control in Japan

      "The problem of missile defense is overshadowing our relations, I will say this directly," the Russian Foreign Minister stated.

      "We have heard that it is Japan that will control this system, and the United States will not have any connection to it. We have serious doubts that this is so," Lavrov stressed.

    • 09:28

      Chances for a Direct Dialogue Between Israel and Palestine Approaching Zero

      "They really, for many years, step by step, made unilateral concessions without receiving anything in return. And they were ready for direct talks with the Israelis, without preconditions, we were ready to accept them for this purpose on the territory of the Russian Federation," the Foreign Minister said.

      “I hope that in the very near future we will be able to hold consultations with our partners within the ‘quartet’, which comprises the United Nations and the European Union apart from the United States, to have some sort of brainstorm on further steps. We cannot leave the situation as it is, let things slide,” Lavrov told an annual news conference.

    • 09:09

      Moscow Sees Vancouver Meeting on North Korea as Counter-Productive

      "The agenda [of the meeting] is to develop a mechanism of additional pressure on Pyongyang. Just a couple of weeks ago, another [UNSC] resolution was adopted, two days later they announced the convening of such a meeting in Vancouver. We and the Chinese were not invited to it," Lavrov said.

    • 08:58

      US Plans to Form Border Security Force in Syria Not Helping Crisis Settlement

      "You know that this has already caused Turkey's negative reaction, I have said that for us, this causes serious questions, concerning the maintenance of Syria's territorial integrity. There is also the issue of relations between Turkey and the Kurds. This new unilateral ultimatum move does not contribute to settlement of the situation around Afrin," Lavrov said during his annual press conference.

      "We, just like our Turkish and Iranian colleagues, and, I believe, like many others, are awaiting detailed explanations from the United States," Lavrov stressed.

    • 08:47

      Russia Ready to Assist in Easing Tensions Between Baghdad, Erbil

      "We support the territorial integrity of Iraq, calling for the settlement of all the problems through negotiations and national dialogue. If the parties need some mediation efforts, if potential Russian efforts are mentioned, I can assure that we will treat that positively," Lavrov said.

    • 08:25

      Russia Hopes Turkey to Finish Setting Up Checkpoints in Idlib Safe Zone Soon

      "We hope that our Turkish colleagues will complete deployment of remaining monitoring checkpoints around the Idlib de-escalation zone because, as far as I know, they had deployed only three out of 20 [checkpoints]. Our leaders discussed this issue during the contacts. We were assured that the work would be accelerated. Hopefully, that will help to stabilize the situation in Idlib," Lavrov said.

      Russian hopes for the Syrian ceasefire to be observed in the northwestern Kurdish-controlled Afrin region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday at a press conference.

      "As for the situation in Afrin and Syria overall ... We are seeking full compliance with the ceasefire agreements," Lavrov said.

    • 08:13

      Obama's, Trump's Approaches to Syrian Issue not Different, Seek Power Change

      "There are no drastic differences between [the approaches of] Obama’s and Trump’s administrations. Unfortunately, in both cases we see a wish to support those, who want to launch practical steps aimed at changing the regime in the Syrian Arab Republic, not a wish to put an end to the conflict as soon as possible," Lavrov said during his annual press conference.

    • 08:05

      Kurds Part of Syrian Nation, Their Interests Must be Respected, Will be Considered in Sochi Congress

      "This is the problem where many interests converge, many interested parties, and we are trying to harmonize the interests of all the Syrian sides and all external players, who can influence the situation and who want to protect their interests in the region, including in the process of the Syrian settlement, through convening the Syria's National Dialogue Congress," Lavrov said.

    • 07:57
    • 07:54

      Late 2017 Saw High Tensions Over US Threats to Use Force in Settling Crises

      "The past year has not been a simple in a geopolitical sense. Multiple hotspots of tensions have been remaining in various regions from the Middle East and Northern Africa, to our neighbor, Ukraine. Of course, in the past months of the year, the situation has aggravated over the threats voiced by Washington to settle the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula through military measures. Analogous threats have been voiced in relation to the Afghan issue, which was also proposed to be regulated through solely military means. Of course, the past statements, aimed at undermining the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear issue have not added optimism and stability," Lavrov said.

    • 07:47

      Trump Administration is Afraid of Competition on International Arena

      Moscow has to respond to hostile actions of demonization on the part of Washington, Lavrov said, but Russia refrains from a tit-for-tat approach in the bilateral relations.

      "The Americans are known for their exceptionalism feelings, and still rely on this mentality..." but "the reality is that the West is losing its dominance,.. there are new power centers and powerhouses emerging. Unfortunately, our US colleagues and their allies still want to conduct their affairs with the use of dictate and ultimatums, they do not want to listen to the point of view of the other centers of the global politics. Thus, they do not want to recognize the realities of the forming multipolar world," the Russian foreign minister added.

    • 07:45

      US Trying to Force Europe to Reject Nord Stream 2 Project

      "The actions of [the US] administration demonstrate fear of fair competition in a number of areas, [particularly] energy, gas supplies to Europe, when instead of Russian gas, supplies of US liquefied natural gas are imposed, which is significantly more expensive. It is counteraction to Nord Stream 2 ... It is the defense industry, the sanctions imposed on the Russian defense sector."

    • 07:35

      Moscow Respects Ukraine's Integrity

      Minister Lavrov said Russia continues to politically respect Ukraine's territorial integrity in borders that were defined after Crimea referendum.

      "The bottom line is that Ukraine has subscribed to the Minsk agreements, which has nothing to do with Crimea, we need to push the Ukrainian leadership to implement what they committed to," the minister said. "The Minsk deal is the most important issue at the moment."

      "[Ukraine] is a topic that is being artificially blown up or being made into more than it deserves to be, and is seen as a sharpening stone of the confrontation between Russia and the West, in general. I consider such an approach erroneous and completely politicized," Lavrov said at his annual press conference on the results of Russian diplomatic activities in 2017.

    • 07:31
    • 07:31

      Moscow is Ready to Support Direct Talks Between Sides in North Korea Missile Crisis

    • 07:27

      Russia will support direct contacts between Pyongyang, Washington, as well as 6-party process after deconfrontation, the minister said, reoterating Russia's unwavering stance on the diplomatic resolution of the crisis. He said Russia, China propose to calm down, freeze any confrontation, military activities regarding the Korean peninsula's nuclear issue.


    • 07:23

      Ukrainian Issue is Artificially Presented as Russia-West Confrontation

      Russia's top diplomat has underscored that such an approach to the current state of relations between Moscow and Kiev is politicized.

    • 07:19

      Russia Trying to Harmonize Interests of All Sides in Syria

      "I hope that the Syrian National Dialogue Congress initiative will also play a role of stimulus for the United Nations, so that it accelerates its work ... Anyway, the Sochi process is aimed at supporting the talks in Geneva," Lavrov said.

      The minister also praised the role of Russia, Turkey and Iran, which launched the Astana settlement process a year ago.

      "In Geneva, in the delegation that our Saudi colleagues formed with our support, there isn't a very wide spectrum of opposition, primarily the external opposition is represented ... While the Syrian National Dialogue Congress seeks to involve in the efforts on political settlement also opposition representatives who are inside Syria, and not only the opposition that directly opposes the government, but also representatives of the tribes," Lavrov said.

    • 07:13

      Washington's Latest Remarks on Iran Nuclear Deal Do Not Add to Stability

      Moscow will continue to uphold the Iran nuclear deal, according to the foreign minister, and Russia will remain committed to the agreement.

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