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    Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during his annual press conference in Moscow on December 14, 2017

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's Annual Press Conference in Full (VIDEO)

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    Putin's 2017 Annual Year-End Press Conference (6)

    This year, the number of journalists accredited for the event broke last year's record, with 1,640 journalists expected to attend, including reporters from the US, Germany, Japan, France, China, Poland and other countries. The Kremlin spokesman has confirmed the meeting with journalists will be held "in its traditional, rather exhaustive format."

    The Russian President is holding his 13th annual meeting with journalists. The December 14 event is the last of its kind during his third term in office. In 2008, Putin answered a record 106 questions from over 1,300 journalists over the course of four-and-a-half hours. The attendance record was set last December, when Putin spent nearly four hours answering questions from 1,437 Russian and foreign journalists.

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    • 15:52

      Putin Praises Kadyrov’s Work on Returning Russian Children From Syria

    • 15:45

      Putin Says Russian TV Host Sobchak’s ‘Against All’ Election Slogan Not Positive

      "You participate [in the election] under the 'Against All' slogan. Is this a positive plan of action? And how do you propose to solve the problems that we are discussing today?" the president asked Sobchak, who intends to run for president in 2018.

    • 15:20

      Putin Gives Details on How He Talks With Trump

    • 15:11

      Putin Wished Good Health to the Ekho Moskvy Journalist Who Was Attacked by a Knife-Wielding Man in October

    • 14:56

      Putin Says US Ignoring Russian Information on Syrian Militants Traveling to Iraq

      "It is important that none of the participants in this (Syrian peace) process have the desire or temptation to use various terrorist or quasi-terrorist radical groups to achieve their immediate political goals," Vladimir Putin said.

      "Let's say, militants are parting for Iraq. We are telling our US colleagues, 'Militants have gone this or that way.' There is no reaction, they [militants] are just leaving. Why? Due to thinking that they could be used in the fight with [Syrian President Bashar] Assad," Putin said.

    • 14:46

      Putin: Problem of Syrian Refugees Affects First and Foremost Turkey, but Others Too

      Putin said that Russia is ready to contribute to solving the refugee problem as a part of joint international efforts.

      "Turkey suffers from this problem the most as it has the biggest number of refugees, the biggest camps. But not only there: there are also refugees in Jordan and other countries ... Therefore it is necessary to solve this problem. Syria is unlikely to cope with this alone," Putin said.

      He also noted that Syria is unable to cope with this issue on its own.

    • 14:32

      Putin Says Stronger Russia-China Ties Are Good for Everyone

      "As for elections in Russia, I have full confidence that the development of relations with China has a national consensus in Russia and regardless of these outcomes of the election campaign, Russia and China will remain strategic partners for a long time into the future," Putin said, answering how the outcome of the March 2018 elections might affect Russian-Chinese relations.

    • 14:16

      Putin on Saakashvili's Actions: This Is 'A Spit in the Face' of Ukrainian, Georgian People

      "He used to be Georgia's President and now he's running around [in Ukraine] on main squares and shouting to the entire world 'I am a Ukrainian.'"

      "Doesn't Ukraine have real Ukrainians? And Ukraine puts up with it, do you understand? It is such a shame to look at all this, my heart is breaking," Putin added when commenting on the disgraced former Georgian leader's recent behavior.

    • 14:10

      Putin: US Is Full-Fledged Participant of Ukrainian Settlement Process Regardless of Its Non-Participation in Normandy Format

      Putin's also lashed out at the Kiev authorities having "no desire to implement the Minsk agreements, no desire to launch a real political process, the completion of which could be the implementation of an agreement on the special status of the Donbass, which is enshrined in the relevant law of Ukraine, adopted by the Rada [Ukraine's parliament]".

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    • 13:57

      Putin: Russia Does Not Recognize Nuclear Status of North Korea

      It is necessary to stop escalating the North Korea situation, Putin said.

    • 13:56

      Putin to AP Journalist: You People Are A Strange Bunch!

      When asked if Russia was set to influence North Korea out of its nuclear programme Putin questioned the logic of such perspective in the first place: "Your congressmen, senators look so good, they have beautiful suits, shirts, they are seemingly clever people. They put us alongside the North Korea and Iran. At the same time pushing the [US] president to persuade us to solve the problems of North Korea and Iran together with you." 

    • 13:45

      Putin Says Taxes in Russia Will Not Grow Until End of 2018

      "Inflation targeting is the right process, if we want the economy to be healthy, to inspire confidence from investors, this is an indispensable part of our policy. This is a balanced budgetary and monetary policy executed by the Central Bank," Putin said.

      "Taxes will not grow until the end of 2018," Putin assured at a press conference on Thursday.

    • 13:43

      Even Cats Are Watching Putin's Press Conference

    • 13:39

      'Spy Mania' and 'Nonsense' - Putin on Washington's 'Russian Meddling' Allegations and Attitude Towards Russian Media

      Putin on RT and Sputnik in the US: they seem to be a threat to Washington, questions arise regarding the free dissemination of information.

    • 13:33

      Putin: Trump Unable to Fulfill Pre-Election Promises Due to Restrictions Within US

      Trump was unable to fulfil his pre-election promises, including with regard to Russia, due to restrictions inside the US, Putin said during an annual press conference. Some individuals in the US are trying to render Trump’s work illegitimate, without realizing they are damaging their country, Vladimir Putin added.

      "Look at the markets, how they have grown. This means that investors trust the US economy, this means they trust what he [Trump] is doing in this field," the president said.

    • 13:28

      First Foreign Correspondent Asks How Can Putin Explain the Links Between Trump Campaign and Russian Officials

    • 13:19

      Putin: Russia Partly Responsible for Doping Scandal, But It Has Been Politicized

      Putin reaffirmed that Russia will "fight for the protection of Russian athletes' interests in international courts."

      Putin: We respect international organizations. WADA included. We understand that they are being pressured. But it's necessary to base your conclusions on objectivity.

      Putin says WADA informant Rodchenkov's appointment in Russian sports [monitoring] was a mistake, adding that he knows whose mistake it was.

    • 13:16

      During the First Hour of Press Conference: Questions From 15 Journalists Answered

    • 13:01

      Putin: Russia Will Pay Due Attention to Development of Army, but Not to Detriment of Its Budget, Without Entering Into Arms Race

      Russia spends $46 bln on defense annually, whereas the United States plans to spend $700 bln on defense in 2018, Putin said.

    • 12:59

      Q: If We Look Into the Future. Will the New START Treaty Survive?

      A: We Never Quit Any Treaties. The US Did so, One-sidedly.

    • 12:59

      Putin: Commercial Development of the Arctic Including Extraction of Raw Materials Must Be Inseparable From Guaranteeing Ecological Security

      "I have visited [the Arctic archipelago] Franz Josef Land; several years ago foreign guides, accompanying foreign tourist groups, would say that these islands 'recently' belonged to Russia. They had forgotten that [Franz Josef Land] is a Russian archipelago, but we reminded them, and at the moment everything is fine. We shouldn't forget it," Putin said at his annual press conference.

    • 12:54

      Putin Mistakes Woman's Sign for 'Putin Bye-Bye' - She Says It's Actually Affectionate Tatar Word for "Putin Grandpa"

    • 12:47

      Russia's 1st Channel Takes the Floor. Putin to Press Secretary: Are You Giving the Mic Only to Those Who Have Connections?

    • 12:43

      Putin: Sanctions Influenced Russian Economy but Not as Much as Fall in Oil Prices

      "I am confident that the sanctions did not have the same effect as the fall in oil prices, but they still had an effect. We can talk about this later, in detail," Putin said during his annual press conference.

    • 12:38

      Question on Economic Growth Heats up the Room

      Russia’s level of inflation at 2.5% is lowest in modern history - Putin

    • 12:29

      Putin Says Hopes For Support of Parties, Public Organizations Despite Running For President as Independent Candidate

      The United Russia party states its support for Putin as an independent candidate. Says it will help him gather the votes needed to register for the run.

      Following Putin's announcement, Russia's central elections committee has already specified that as an independent candidate, Vladimir Putin will have to gather 300 thousand signatures.

    • 12:27

      Putin on Opposition: Russian People Are Right to Voice Their Discontent but the Current Opposition Has No Real Program

      "You know, I have already repeatedly said during public events and more private discussions what kind of Russia I would like to see. I will say it once again: [Russia] should be very modern, its political system should be flexible, the economy should be based on high technology, workforce productivity should increase multiple times," Putin said.

    • 12:13

      Putin to Run for Russian President as Independent Candidate

      "It will be self-nomination. Of course, I hope for support of those political forces, regardless of the way they are organized in the country - parties, public organizations, which share my view of the country's development and trust me. Of course, I hope for this very much. And I hope for the overall support from the public," Putin said.

      "As for the campaign, we were just talking [about it] yesterday: no final decision has been made yet," he said when asked about his campaign staff.

      The election will be held on March 18, 2018, the campaign is expected to start later this month.

    • 12:13

      Putin Speaks About Russia's Economy

      "I can tell you what the main thing is, on which, to my mind, both the authorities and the society need to focus. Specifically, it's such issues as development of infrastructure, healthcare, education. It's, as I said before, advanced technologies, increasing labor productivity, and, undoubtedly, it all must be aimed at increasing the income of the citizens, the income of our people," the incumbent president said.

    • 12:13

      Putin on His Election Program

      "I would like not to talk about the election program now, which I will have, just like other candidates, there must be one. I practically have it already. Still, I repeat, today is probably not the right format to present it," Putin said.

    • 12:13

      First Question to President: Why Are You Running for President, What is Your Vision of Russia?

      Putin says he does not want to discuss his election program though he "practically has" one.

      "You know, I have already repeatedly said during public events and more private discussions what kind of Russia I would like to see. I will say it once again: [Russia] should be very modern, its political system should be flexible, economy should be based on high technologies, workforce productivity should increase multiple times," Putin said

    • 12:09

      Ksenia Sobchak Who Announced Decision to Run for President Attending Press Conference

      Today Putin is holding his annual presser conference. His opponent Ksenia Sobchak is also attending.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's Annual Press Conference in Full (VIDEO)
    Putin's 2017 Annual Year-End Press Conference (6)


    Over 1,400 Journalists Accredited for Putin's Annual Press Conference - Kremlin
    Over 1,300 Journalists Accredited for Putin's Annual Press Conference
    Putin to Address Russian Parliament, Hold Large Press Conference in December
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