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    Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin Holds Annual Q&A Call-In Session (VIDEO)

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    President Putin's Annual Q&A Session 2017 (44)

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has held the 15th annual 'Direct Line' Q&A call-in session in Moscow.

    This year the so-called direct line with president lasted for 4 hours. The president answered almost 70 questions.

    Putin’s Q&A session in 2016 lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes, where the Russian leader answered 80 questions out of the 3 million that were submitted by various means.

    New messages
    • 15:57

      Putin on the next Russian president

      Only Russian citizens can decide who will be their next president, Vladimir Putin said during the Q&A session.

    • 15:40

      Putin on information warfare

      "Media and internet are being manipulated to circulate fake news for political pursposes," Vladimir Putin said, adding that "but we need to verigy all the information."

      "Before making conclusions I always doublecheck all the information," the president said.

    • 15:36

      Putin on fight against corruption

      Ancwering the question how do you plan to fight against the corrupt public officials, Vladimir Putin siad that this is a very pressing and vital question. "It is not only about jailing people," the president said, adding that "we need to ensure that no one is immune to the punishment."

      "It is up to the court to decide," Putins said.

      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
      © Sputnik / Mikhail Klimentyev
    • 15:21

      Putin on possible dialogue with opposition

      "I am ready to talk to anyone who is ready ofr a constructive dialogue but I am not ready to talk to those who use the difficultires to score their political points," Vladimir Putin said.

      Most representatives of opposition speculate on issues but they do not propose solutions for the problems in the country, the president added.

    • 15:17

      Putin on ifrastructure in the regions after 2018 World Cup

      Answering the question what will happen with the infrastructure afterwards, Putin said that all objexts will be used for its purpose.

    • 15:12

      Putin on renovation program

    • 14:54

      Putin on a bridge between Russia's mainland and Sakhalin

      "We've revived the plans which had been discussed long ago as part of our program ot ensure the territorial integrity of our country," Vladimir Putin said.

      "There are plans ti build a tunnel, not a bridge, but it is still under discussion," he added.

    • 14:50

      Putin on the Crimean bridge building

      Answering the question will the Crimean Bridge between Russia and Crimea built on time, Vladimir Putin said that it will be built even slightly ahead of time.

    • 14:47

      Putin on plans in Syria

      Russian operation in Syria allowed us to test our new weapons in action, Putin said. "We have deployed our state-of-art weapons to Syria and watched how it performed."

      As for our armed forces, it is a valuable experience, the Russian armed forces achieved new level of combat readiness, the president said.

      As for our plans, we interested in peacefull political process in Syria.

      Hmeimim airbase in Syria
      © Sputnik / Maksim Blinov
    • 14:42

      Putin on pension reform

      Experts and government are discussing the increase of the retirement age, but the decision has not been made yet, Putin said.

    • 14:23

      Putin on the recent testimony of former FBI director Comey

      Mr.Comey didn't give any evidence of Russian interference into the US presidential election, Putin said. The US tries to sway public opinion - it is them who tried to influece our hearts and minds through different NGOs.

      "Take a globe: wherever you put a finger, the US has its interests there," the president said.

    • 14:18

      Putin on Russian-US relations

      We need to cooperate with the US, Vladimir Putin said. Russia has a lot of fields for cooperation with the US, such as control over the weapons of mass destruction, North Korean nuclear issue, fighting poverty, ecology.

      "As for hotspots, together with the US we resolved crisis around the Iranian nuclear program," the president noted. "As for Syrian crisis and Middle East issue, you cannot achieve anything without cooperation," he said.

      "We hope the US will help us to resolve the crisis in Ukraine," Vladimir Putin added.

      "We have a lot of areas to work together, we are open for contstructive dialogue," the Russian leader emphasized.

      Broadcast of Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
      © Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
    • 14:14

      Putin on Russophobic sentiments in the US

      As an American living in the US, I witness the high-level russophobia in my home countty what would you advice?

      Putin answering the question said that Russia doesn't treat the US as its foe. Russia has a lot of friends in the US. Unfortunately we see this hysteria in the mainstream media, the president said.

      "Eventually our relations will go back to normal, we are interested in this," Vladimir Putin added.

    • 13:47

      Question from the Baltic Shipyard in St.Petersburg

      The construction of the Arctic icebreaker is almost over here. Employees of the facility wonder what is the future of this shipyard considering plans for Arctic offshore exploration.

      Vladimir Putin said that the Baltic shipyard is the leader of the Russia's shipbuilding. Russia will continue developing its Navy and the shipyard, he added. New icebreakers will have no limit to cutting ice, the president said adding that "until recently no coutnry had the icebreakers which Russia has."

      By 2050, 30 percent of hydrocarbons will be produced in the Arctic. Economically this region is very important, the president said. "If the global warming trend will continue, the period of navigation in that region will increase."

      There are many regional powers which want to cooperate with Russia in that area, Vladimir Putin noted.

      Arctic plays a strategic role in ensuring Russia's safety, the president said.


    • 13:44

      Putin about direct air communication between Russian regions

      The President is answering a question from the city of Rostov-on-Don in Southern Russia on the lack of direct air traffic between the Russian regions. Passengers have to fly through Moscow, losing their time and money.

    • 13:21

      Putin about situation in Ukraine

      Resident from Kiev wonders why Russia abandons people of Ukraine, not all citizens are Bandera followers, "why all of us are seen in the same very light," Dmitry from Kiev asks.

      President Putin thanked for the question. Russia has many friends in Ukraine, he added. The Russian leader said he knows not all Ukrainians support Bandera ideology.

      Putin commented on recent remark of Petro Poroshenko who waved good bye to Russia - good that he knows Russian classics, namely Lermontov. Thus he wants to demonstrate that he is delivering on his pledge to move closer to "civilization"

      If Poroshenko wants to be truly European he should close his off-shore accounts first, Putin said.

    • 13:15

      Question about loans and interest rates in small businesses

      Russia already has a number of tools to support small and medium-size businesses, however, the Central Banks policy should be less agressive toward businessmen, Putin said.

    • 13:10

      Putin about grandchildren

      Putin says his daughters "don't get mixed up in politics."

      Putin said he has grandchildren already. One of my granchildren goes to kindergarten, my second grandchild was born recently, Putin added.

      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
      © Sputnik / Mikhail Klimentyev
    • 13:04

      Putin about demographic problems

      We made some progress, birth rate is growing, the president said. We saw a huge drop in birt rate in 90-s. Lowering incomes, soaring of employment affected people, Putin said.

      Russia has a challenging demographic situation and one of the tools to stimulate it is maternity allowance.

    • 12:54

      Question about problems with the environment, drinking water and transportation near Lake Baikal

      Local residents of Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal are complaining about problems with transportation. There are no roads (you can only arrive by helicopter), and no potable water.

      President Putin said that environmental reasons must prevail, and that "we should not forget about the importance of Baikal". However, the transportation issue and the water problem should be resolved, the President said.

      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
      © Sputnik / Mikhail Klimentyev
    • 12:33

      How Russia plans to respond to the Western sanctions

      Answering the question is Russia going to respond to the extention of anti-Russian sanctions Putin said that Russia is going to be competitive.

      Russian agcriculture sector expanded. Under the WTO rules the government won't be able to directly support its agriculture sector but it will continue supporting it indirectly even when the sanctions are lifted. But the agriculture sector needs to be competitive, the President said.

      President Putin noted that Russia will lift its sanction if partners do so.

    • 12:29

      Putin on anti-Russian sanctions' extension

      Russia lived under sanctions since the country became strong, the president said.   

      We know that the US senate decided to tighten the sanctions, but we don't know why. Maybe it's a sign of political struggle in the US, Putin said.   

      For sure, sanctions have impact on Russian economy, but it wasn't drastic, the Russian leader said.

      An outcome of the sanctions: Russia has restored a number of its industries, such as agriculture.

    • 12:18

      Alyona from Irkutsk region asks Putin why teachers's salaries are so low

      President Putin is answering a question from the Irkustk region about education and salaries for teachers.

      Putin was surprised that the gap in salaries of young specialists and experienced emplyers is so big.

      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
      © Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin
    • 12:03

      Direct Line with President Putin begins

      Vladimir Putin enters the studio. More than 2,000,000 calls have been received. The majority of questions are about the future of Russia.

      There are very many optimistic remarks about the future.

      Vladimir Putin started with a remark that he wants to send a positive signal for the future. Russia is back to growth. However some burning issues are still there, such as personal income of the people.

      "Recession in the Russian economy is over, we have entered a period of growth," the Russian leader said.

      "Over the past three quarters we saw increase in our economy," Putin added.

      However Russia’s economic structure, low labor productivity remain issues of Russian economy, Putin said.

      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
      © Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin
    • 11:57

      Putin Consults With Administration, Experts Ahead of 'Direct Line' Session

      Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding meetings with top executives of the Kremlin administration and with various experts in preparation for the upcoming "direct line" presidential Q&A call-in session, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

      President Putin meets with Russia's Security Council Secretary Patrushev

      Putin to Consult Gov't Bodies Ahead of 'Direct Line' Session - Kremlin

      Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for the 'direct line', he looks over masses of information, refreshes statistical data in his mind, communicates with ministers, heads of agencies, makes an 'update' of information.
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      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin
      © Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin
    • 11:54

      Some 1.6Mln Questions for 'Direct Line' Call-in Session With Putin Received

      Around 1.6 million questions have been received one day before the annual "direct line" Q&A call-in sessions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

      Some 1.6Mln Questions for 'Direct Line' Call-in Session With Putin Received

      Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that, traditionally, there were a lot of life stories among 1.6 million questions received one day before the annual "direct line" Q&A call-in sessions with Russian President Vladimir Putin in which people asked the president for help, while issues of foreign policy concern Russians much less.
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    • 11:50

      President Putin is set to hold 15th Q&A session

      This year Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold an annual 'direct line' Q&A call-in session and answer the most pressing questions that interest the Russian nationals.

      This format of live conversations with the nation appeared during Putin's first presidential term, with the first such "direct line" held on December 24, 2001. The 14th live conversation with Putin took place on April 14, 2016 and lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes, during which the Russian leader answered 80 questions out of the 3 million that were collected from various means of communication.

      Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

      Vladimir Putin's Q&A Sessions: 15 Years of Talking With Russia Face to Face

      With just hours left before the start of the 15th annual Direct Line with the Russian President, Sputnik delves into the history of live communication between Vladimir Putin and Russians to track how and when it all started and how it has changed through the course of his presidency.
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    President Putin's Annual Q&A Session 2017 (44)
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