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    Crosswalk for marmots

    Look Left, Look Right: Marmots in Krasnoyarsk Get Their Own Crossing

    © Photo: Sergey Filinin / gorodprima.ru
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    Marmots in the Russian town of Krasnoyarsk can now cross the road in safety after a special crossing was set up for them.

    A miniature zebra crossing and traffic lights have been installed in the Russian town of Krasnoyarsk, so that local marmots can cross the road more safely.

    The crossing is located on Tatishev Island, a park in the center of Krasnoyarsk. Tatishev Island is home to around 5,000 marmots, which are a symbol of the area. 

    The idea for the crossing came from a local media holding called "Prima," which holds an annual festival on the island with live music, a market and games.

    "Of course, we set it up not just for the sake of a joke," Prima explained.

    "Firstly, it's a reminder that our largest festival, 'Green,' is near. Secondly, it's a reminder to people to observe not only the traffic markings for marmots but for humans as well."

    Crosswalk for marmots and ducks
    Crosswalk for marmots and ducks
    The crossing is a hit not only with marmots, but with safety-conscious local ducks as well. 


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