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    Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

    #PutinDirect: What Twitter Took Away From President's Q&A

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    President Putin Holds Annual Q&A Session (24)

    “If they've really had 3 million calls, that means one in 50 Russians are trying to get through to Putin” – social media reacted to the Russian President’s Direct Line, noting his jokes and witty answers.

    During the live broadcast that lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes, the President answered 80 questions out of the over 3 million that were received, according to the Presidential website.

    ​​Social media users however rightfully noted that “despite talk of schools, roads, the economy at Putin's call-in”, people are still most interested in his personality and private life.

    ​​Many enjoyed the questions from the smaller viewers, especially the one from a girls who asked about who he would decide to save Poroshenko and Erdogan were both drowning.

    ​The president joked that the question caught him off-guard. However he went on to explain that if someone decided to drown, there's no saving them. But "we will lend a helping hand to anyone who asks."

    Others liked the question about what his three secret wishes would be if a genie magically appeared to grant them.

    ​"We shouldn't rely on miracles. We have to work with our own hands," the president answered, rather sensibly.

    "Otherwise we will end up with nothing, just like in a famous Pushkin fairy tale."

    ​On the question of who is worse for Russia – Trump or Clinton, was also another favorite.

    The Russian leader answered that international relations should be about cooperation, and not about the lesser evil.

    ​"You know, we should be looking for someone who's better, not worse," he said.

    However the President’s answer about his US counterpart seems to provoke the biggest reaction on Twitter.

    "This is another proof that the President is a decent guy. It takes heart to admit something like that," the Russian leader said in response to President Obama admitting his mistakes in Libya.

    ​Many noticed that bringing up a problem with Putin directly seemed like a speedy way to finding a fast track to getting it resolved! The first question came from the city of Omsk and was about the lack of good roads in the area.

    Twitter users were quick to suppose that those probably are already being fixed.

    President Putin Holds Annual Q&A Session (24)


    President Putin Holds Annual Q&A Session
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