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    Putin's Annual State of the Nation Address 2015 (11)

    Russia has shown leadership and extreme responsibility in the fight against terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual state of the nation address.

    The president underlined that Russia has demonstrated "superb responsibility and leadership" in the fight against terrorism. "These decisive moves are supported by the Russian society," he noted.

    Russia's army and navy have showed their combat readiness and gained valuable experience that will be used in the future, according to Putin.

    "Russia's army and navy clearly showed their combat readiness, their capability to fight effectively. And invaluable practice in using experience during combat operations is being accumulated and will be used to further improve our military equipment and weapons. Thanks to the engineers and all those who work in the defense industry," Putin said.

    ​"The threat of terrorism in the world is growing," Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

    "Russian must act and engage terrorists from afar," he said. "We have to be prepared to fight terrorism."

    ​However, international terrorism cannot be defeated by one country in the conditions of the global resettlement and open borders, according to the president.

    “It is impossible to defeat terrorism with the powers of one country, especially in the conditions when the borders in the world are virtually open, and the world is experiencing a new resettlement of people, while the terrorists get constant financial support,” Putin said, addressing the Russian Parliament, the Federal Assembly.

    "Historical parallels are obvious. In the 20th century the refusal to join forces against Nazism in time was paid for with tens of millions of lives, and the bloodiest World War. Today we, again, are faced with a destructive, barbaric ideology and have no right to allow the new-sprung bigots reach their goals. We must throw away all quarrels and differences, form a firm fist, a unified anti-terrorist front, which will act based on international law and be sponsored by the UN."

    Russia is continuing the irreconcilable fight with remaining underground extremist groups in the country, Putin stressed.

    "It took us 10 years to break the criminals’ spine. We squeezed almost all terrorists out of Russia, but we are still continuing the irreconcilable fight against the remainder of the underground crime, this evil is still making itself known," he said.

    Putin's Annual State of the Nation Address 2015 (11)


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