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    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers the annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly

    Vladimir Putin Delivers Annual State of the Nation Address (VIDEO)

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin is delivering his annual State of the Nation Address to Russian MPs and dignitaries.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers an annual state of the nation address on Thursday to the Russian Parliament, the Federal Assembly, on foreign and domestic policy priorities in accordance with the Constitution.

    According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the Russian leader held a series of negotiations with government officials on Tuesday and Wednesday on key subject matters to be addressed in his speech.

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    • 12:58

      2014 - Year of Crimea reunification with Russia

      In reunification with Crimea, Russia declared to the world that we are a strong nation, united by common goals.

      Our nation stands united by strong common goals. It is only up to us to deal with the issues we are facing today.

      Our strength is in unity, Mendeleev said, our power is in unity. If we are divided we will be destroyed.

      Russia is a part of the changing global world.

      We will face our challenges, we will work hard for our common good and will certainly prevail.


    • 12:54

      On education

      Our children should enjoy equal opportunities for the successful start of their careers. We need more places for school children.

      We've prepared a special program to provide additional budget to repair school buildings. Next year the Federal budget will provide 50 bln rubles to spend on schools.

      The number of graduates interested in engineering has doubled in recent years.

      We need to lauch a special program -"Young professionals".

    • 12:54

      On the role of NGO's in healthcare and social programs

      A special programs should be worked out for the involement of NGOs into this sphere

      NGOs should be able to support the health system in regions.

    • 12:48

      On healthcare

      Overall goal is to increase life expectancy.

      Life expectancy has increased by 5 years, now at 71.

      Number of high tech surgeries has increased in Russia.

      We suggest the creation of special federal fund in the insurance system to support high tech surgeries.

      Regions must support the maintenance of medical infrastructure.


      Russian President Vladimir Putin (C back) delivers his annual state of the nation address at the Kremlin in Moscow on December 3, 2015
    • 12:43

      On economic opportunities in Russia's regions

      New opportunities will be created for Russia in the East on an equal partnership basis. It is important for Russia to develop the Eastern region of Russia, investors are very interested in this.

      Parliament can consider offering land to people for free in the Far East.

      Infrastructure needs investment though.

      Vladimir Putin delivers annual Presidential Address to Federal Assembly
      © Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
    • 12:41

      On new economic partnership

      We welcome cooperation with China, especially on the Silk Road project. Cooperation with Silk Road looks promising.

      The partnership should be equal and respective of each other's interests.

      EEU means free movement of labor and capital.

    • 12:40

      On foreign investments

      We welcome foreign participation in the Russian economy. We appreciate those who come to the russian market for a long time despite the challenges.

      Investment yield on bonds should not be taxed to encourage private investment.

    • 12:36

      On agriculture sector

      The Russian president thanks agriculture sector. "Now we are among the leading exporters in agriculture," he said.

      We must cultivate more land that lies idle. We should take back land that is idle and sell it at auction.

      Legislation should be created to support this.

    • 12:21

      On economic priorities

      First of all, commodities are still being produced competitively.

      Second, a number of industries are at risk now. The construction industry first of all. We need to make subsidy programs availabe.

      Third, we need to take into account the need of disabled people.

      We need a set of measures in place to do this.

      Four, we need to balance the budget. The budget deficit should not be higher than 3%.

      Every cycle of budget planning should have its priorities.

      Five, we need to bolster trust beween businesses and the government.

      We need to lift the restrictions on small and medium sized enterprises.

      More support must be provded to those who work on the import substitution.


    • 12:18

      On economic challenges

      I know that we're facing difficult times today.

      But the situation isn't critical. The exchange rate has stabilized.

      Meanwhile, we should consider global economic changes.

      Russia should not be vulnerable.

      Of course the gov't should explain to people what we're doing today.

    • 12:16

      On corruption

      All the public servants should report on their incomes, the president said.

      People's Front reported on the cases of corruption. I call the prosecotor generals to respond to such cases.

      Corruption is being addressed through regulations and reporting.

      The courts should be more objective.

    • 12:15

      On Parliamentary elections 2016

      In 2016 we will have the parliamentary elections, Putin said.

      Competition in the country should be fair and equal.

    • 12:13

      All ethnic groups make Russia strong

      What makes Russia strong, is the diversity of our culture, our mutual respect, between Judaism, Buddhism etc. We should treasure our ethnic harmony; it is a foundation of the Russian state.

    • 12:06

      On situation in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya

      Iraq, Libya, Syria are now areas of anarchy posing a threat to the whole world. It's impossible to defeat international terrorism, especially when borders are open.

      We have to be prepared to fight terrorism.


    • 12:04

      Russia has long been on the forefront of the war against international terrorism

      Terrorist attacks against Russian citizens in Russia have taken thousands of lives.

      It took almost ten years to defeat terrorism, to force terrorists out of Russia.

      But still from time to time we face them on our territory, the president said.

    • 12:02

      Russia President Vladimir Putin delivers Annual State of the Nation Address

      Members of Federation Coucil and State Duma, Russian Citizens.

      First of all, I'd like to thank Russian servicemen fighting international terrorism.

      The address has begun with a minute of silence to honor fallen Russian servicemen.




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