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    Two US travelers stuck in Siberia because of bad weather

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    KRASNOYARSK, JUNE 3, (RIA Novosti's Lyudmila Zabortseva) - The Taimyr district rescue service has proved unable to evacuate two US travelers, who wanted to reach Canada from the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago via the North Pole, because of bad weather.

    Talking to RIA Novosti on Friday, Yelena Temitskaya, spokesperson for the Taimyr district civil-defense and emergency-situations department, noted that two Mil Mi-8 helicopters with rescue teams onboard had taken off from a local airport in the direction of cape Arktichesky, the northern-most point of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago.

    "Helicopters arrived in Dikson that same day. The local airport is closed because of bad weather. Consequently, their take-off will be delayed. The take-off deadline depends on local weather conditions," Temitskaya added.

    "Two US travelers, who wanted to reach Canada from the North Pole by ski and canoe, asked Russian authorities to evacuate them," officials at the press service of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry's Siberian regional center noted.

    The travelers contacted their coordinator a few days ago, saying that they faced a difficult ice situation. Ice drifting in the opposite direction prevents them from making any headway. According to the coordinator, both travelers have decided to abort their trip because they cannot complete this journey on time.

    Both tourists are now staying about 80 km north-east of cape Arktichesky. They had set out from there on May 10.

    According to the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, nothing threatens the lives of both US travelers. Their situation is quite stable. They are feeling fine. They have communications equipment, food and warm clothing.

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