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    World in Focus: Sputnik’s Daily Current Affairs Program | 08/12/16

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    Thursday: Report by Physicians for Human Rights highlights indiscriminate use of force against protesters in Kashmir; Brazil’s Supreme Court overturns decision to make Renan Calheiros stand down; and how will President-Elect Trump deal with the numerous conflicts of interest surrounding his business empire?

    A report by American human rights group Physicians for Human Rights has highlighted the indiscriminate use of force by Indian authorities against protesters in Indian administered Kashmir. We get responses to the report from India’s Central Reserve Police Force, and Dr Aadil Ashraf, President Resident Doctor's Association, SMHS Hospital, Srinagar

    Earlier in the week, Brazil’s Supreme Court sent shockwaves through the country’s embattled government, when it ordered the head of the senate — Renan Calheiros — to step down from his post…  But less than three days later, and the Supreme Court has sent equivalent shockwaves, with the decision to overturn the original decision. We speak to Professor David Samuels of the Department of Political Science at University of Minnesota.

    If there’s one thing that the US President-Elect is famous for, it’s his alleged business prowess — sitting as he does atop one of the largest business empires in the world — but now that he’s a public figure it seems that there are a host of accusations around conflicts of interest — we’ll be digging a little deeper.

    The Israeli Defense Force has been eagerly promoting a controversial battalion of Israeli-Arabs in recent weeks in an effort to show the world that the Israeli army draws on all sections of its community for support. But despite the PR campaign many Israeli-Arabs regard the volunteers as traitors to the communities they come from and rather than fitting into wider Israeli society, like many recruits claim, they are in fact isolating themselves from the Arab communities in which they were raised. We spoke to Seth Frantzman of the Jerusalem Post and Haneen Zoabi of the Knesset, Ballad Party.

    A third of the estimated 5,000 citizens from Europe who have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq with groups like Da’esh have returned to Europe, according to a new report by the European Union. The report highlights concerns that some of these fighters may have been given orders from commanders in Iraq and Syria to conduct attacks like those in Paris in other parts of Europe.

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