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    The Forgotten People of Iraq | Duterte Calls For Death Penalty Re-instatement

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    3,735 Yezidis still held by Daesh troops, the forgotten people of the Northern Iraq; and, controversial President of the Philippines has made moves to re-instate the death penalty and in doing so has asked “what if there is no God?”

    Figures this week suggest that thousands of men, women and children from the Yezidi community in Northern Iraq are still being held by Daesh forces. This comes following suggestions from the UN earlier this year that Daesh had earned around $50million, in part from ransoms paid for the release of many Yezidis. We speak to Idan Barir, Research associate in the Forum for Regional Thinking and Tel Aviv University.

    The controversial President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has offended many a world leader, and snubbed the United Nations, but in his moves to re-instate the death penalty in his country — he's turned his ire on an even greater adversary, asking "What if there is no God?"

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