13:41 GMT26 November 2020
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    Don’t Trust the CBP to Understand 'Weird Twitter'

    Unanimous Dissent
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    A new regulation could take effect at the end of the year that will ask certain foreign travelers to submit their social media information to the US government before being allowed to enter the country.

    From Customs and Border Patrol perusing Twitter to the NSA trying to understand how a hoarder compromised security, we’ve got a chock-full classified session.
    Also, A disagreement among labor unions? But in-fighting is so unlike the left! We’ll tell about a schism forming over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    And President Obama has charged more people with espionage than any other president in history, combined. And now he’s adding to his total. Though it doesn’t seem like this one is in trouble for talking to journalists. That story in a classified session.

    Finally, who says Class Struggle isn’t fun and games? We’ll be talking about the radical history of board games with Brian Van Slyke, co-founder of the TESA Collective, and author of a recent Truthout article on the subject.

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