23:12 GMT01 October 2020
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    Neocons Rejoice! A Cheney is Coming Back to Washington

    Unanimous Dissent
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    The neocons are poised to have their “best year ever” (since George W. Bush left office, at least). The two Sam’s discuss Hillary Clinton’s rehabilitation of the prominent neocons, and the GOP primary victory Tuesday night for Liz Cheney in Wyoming, which all but assures there will be another Cheney serving in Congress next year.

    Plus, Aetna was caught lying. The company’s claims, about not pulling out of Obamacare as retaliation against the Justice Department, can’t withstand the 24 hour news cycle. We explain that and other stories in the latest edition of The People’s Bulletin: Economic news for the 99 percent.

    And some of the NSA’s most-prized hacking tools have wound up on the internet. What does the leak say about the spy agency’s ability to keep its own secrets?

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