11:02 GMT13 June 2021
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    FBI: Did Obama's Secret Police Spy On The Trump Team?

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    The latest scandal to hit Capitol Hill concerns the reports that Obama's FBI sent a so-called "academic" to infiltrate the Trump campaign, which immediately prompted the President to order an investigation into what are now his own secret police.

    Subsequent reports revealed that Stefan Halper, a professor at the University of Cambridge, was dispatched by America’s clandestine law enforcement services to provocatively probe members of the Trump team on whether they had any knowledge about so-called “Russian hacking”, with this effort shockingly coming even before the government supposedly started electronic spying measures through FISA warrants.

    In reaction to the bombshell allegations that the secret police infiltrated the campaign of the sitting president’s political opponents and may have even tried to entrap some of its staff in order to “reverse-engineer” the pretext for stepping up spying measures against them, Trump took to Twitter to inform the American people about how this “is a really big deal” before announcing the beginning of a special investigation. This news seemed to scare former CIA chief and close Obama ally John Brennan, whose panicked response was widely mocked by pro-Trump political surrogates who saw in this proof that one of the most powerful spies in the US at the time might be afraid of going down with this scandal.

    It’s still too early to conclusively tell whether anything illegal, or at the very least unethical, did in fact take place because the investigation has only just begun and has yet to yield results, but the very act of a sitting President investigating his predecessor for possibly surveilling his campaign for political purposes and in order to aid his opponents is unprecedented in American history, and it goes to show just how dirty the “deep state” war is between Trump and his enemies. Should any incontrovertible evidence supporting this possible scenario emerge from the Administration’s fact-finding mission, then there’s no doubt that this scandal would put Watergate to shame as America’s most infamous.

    Andrew Korybko is joined by John Szabo from The Hardcore News.com, and John Bosnitch, Belgrade-based Canadian Political Consultant.

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