17:09 GMT16 April 2021
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    Will Biden Follow the Dangerous Foreign Policy Path of Previous US Presidents?

    The Critical Hour
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    Does President Biden seem intent on following the costly path of empire and global dominance that has been laid for him by previous presidents?

    Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to talk about this week's important stories. The bombing of Syria and hyperbolic statements about Russia and China seem to indicate that the Biden administration is set to follow a costly path of empire and world domination that is doomed to fail. Also, Israel is signaling that they are preparing for an attack on Iran, and President Biden renews crushing sanctions on Venezuela. 

    Dr. Linwood Tauheed, associate professor of economics at the University of Missouri- Kansas City, joins us to discuss the pandemic economy. President Biden is taking fire from the leftover his decision to restrict the eligibility requirements for those who will receive COVID-relief payments. Also, GOP leaders are pulling out all stops to hinder the advancement of Biden's 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-relief plan, and the economy added 379,000 jobs in February. 

    Dr. Jehan "Gigi" El-Bayoumi, professor of medicine and founding director of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences' Rodman Institute, and Dr. Yolandra Hancock, board-certified pediatrician, and obesity-medicine specialist, join us to discuss the latest coronavirus news. As coronavirus numbers plateau, several states are moving to reopen fully and eliminate mask mandates. Also, researchers find that the popular handheld temperature scanners can be wildly inaccurate, and Texas leaders are blaming immigrants for spreading the virus in their state.

    Margaret Kimberley, editor and senior columnist at Black Agenda Report and author of "Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents," and Dan Kovalik, labor and human rights lawyer, professor, and author, come together to discuss foreign policy. The people of Haiti continue to fill the streets in opposition to the US-supported dictator Jovenel Moise. Also, Secretary of State Tony Blinken argues China is blocking the US from setting the world agenda, and Russia is blasting the latest round of sanctions levied by the US and the European Union.

    Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and co-founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and James Carey, editor and co-owner of Geopolitics Alert, join us to talk about foreign policy. President Joe Biden is following in the footsteps of the previous president, Donald Trump, in continuing to pursue the prosecution of Julian Assange. Also, Israel is bragging that the US has agreed to consult with them before making any decisions related to Iran. 

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