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    New York Governor Cuomo Clings to Power

    The Critical Hour
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    Embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo issues a public apology but refuses to resign amidst a cavalcade of sexual harassment allegations.

    Dr. Colin Campbell, a Washington, DC, news correspondent, joins us to discuss Andrew Cuomo. The embattled and embarrassed Governor of New York has finally issued a public statement regarding the allegations of improper sexual conduct. Cuomo took the opportunity of a COVID briefing to publicly address the allegations of sexual harassment lodged by several women. Also, Cuomo is facing additional attacks over his COVID legislation that effectively immunized nursing homes from legal liability for their actions during the pandemic.

    Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to discuss US foreign policy under President Biden. In their latest article, Frank Giustra and Andrew Bacevich argue that "the costs of pursuing US global preeminence have been made clear, and it's time for US leaders to take a different path." Also, Joe Biden has opportunities to stray from the wayward path of disastrous endless wars and empire, as the US is embroiled in controversial tangles with perceived adversaries worldwide. Early indicators are that he will continue the reckless path of destruction that his predecessors pioneered. 

    Dr. Linwood Tauheed, associate professor of economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, joins us to discuss the pandemic economy. President Biden's decision to bow to fiscal conservatives in the Senate and dramatically restrict the class of people that are eligible for COVID-relief checks is being universally panned by progressive activists. Biden's new agreement means that individuals earning between $80,000 to $100,000 per year won't be eligible for partial stimulus payments. Many argue that Biden is setting himself up for conservative attacks because his relief package will end up being stingier than Trump's in regards to direct payments to citizens.

    Laith Marouf, a broadcaster and journalist based in Beirut, joins us to discuss new rocket attacks in Iraq. In what appears to be a reprisal for last week's US airstrikes on Syria, fresh rocket attacks have occurred against an airbase in Iraq. As could be predicted, the Biden administration is signaling that they are considering another round of airstrikes to avenge the attack.

    Robert Fantina, journalist and Palestine activist, joins us to discuss Iran. UPI has published a pro-war article arguing that diplomacy with Iran should be halted. The article absurdly refers to a CIA-funded religious cult called the People's Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as the main democratic opposition. Also, Wendy Sherman, the US nominee for Deputy Secretary of State, seems to further doom any hope for the US return to the JCPOA as she states that the Biden administration intends to keep many of its anti-Iran sanctions in place.

    Nick Davies, peace activist and author of "Blood on Our Hands: The American Invasion of Iraq," joins us to discuss US sanctions. Scores of House Democrats have sent a memo to President Biden urging him to ease the sanctions on Cuba and immediately begin a move towards normalization with the besieged island-nation. The letter specifically argued that Biden must “reverse the recent politicized decision by the departing Trump Administration to add Cuba back to the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.” Also, Biden has renewed Barack Obama's destructive proclamation designating Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security. The original designation resulted in extreme poverty and starvation in the South American nation of thirty million.

    K. J. Noh, peace activist, writer, and teacher, joins us to discuss China. In a recent speech to the US State Department, Secretary of State Antony Blinken argued that the US relationship with China is America's "biggest geopolitical test of the 21st century." Shockingly, Blinken went on to clearly imply that he is pursuing the infamous "Wolfowitz doctrine." The new Secretary of State argued that China is the only nation powerful enough to impede his administration's quest to "make the world work the way we want it to because it ultimately serves the interests and reflects the values of the American people."

    Dan Kovalik, writer, author and lawyer, joins us to discuss US policies in the global south. The Biden team has committed themselves to regime change in Venezuela by supporting US puppet Juan Guaido, and renewing deadly sanctions that have cost the lives of tens of thousands of mostly-poor Venezuelans. Also, US-supported dictator Jovenel Moise is clinging to power in Haiti using a brutal police-crackdown that is supported by outside nations and political forces. 

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