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    Trump Legal Team in Disarray as Attorneys Resign Over Strategy Dispute

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    Five members of the Trump impeachment legal team have resigned and two new members have joined as former US President Donald Trump pushes for a strategy focusing on allegations of massive election fraud.

    Jim Kavanagh, writer at The Polemicist and CounterPunch and author of the article, "The American Farce Unravels: Shreds of January 6th," joins us to discuss the Trump impeachment trial. The Trump legal team is in disarray as a number of attorneys have resigned. Reports suggest the president wanted the team to focus on his allegations of massive voter fraud, whereas legal experts argued for a strategy founded on the assertion that Congress cannot institute impeachment procedures against a president who no longer holds office. 

    Alexander Mercouris, editor-in-chief at TheDuran.com and host of "The Duran" on YouTube, returns to The Critical Hour to discuss the Barr Durham investigation and apparent cover-up. In yet another sign that the Biden administration will be whitewashing the investigation into the origins of Russiagate, FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to deliberately misleading the FISA court and received a sentence far below the standard for such a crime. Clinesmith was given a year's probation and allowed to walk free despite ample evidence that he was part of an organized effort to intentionally mislead the court and subvert justice.

    Dr. Linwood Tauheed, associate professor of economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Eugene Craig, Republican strategist and former vice-chair of the Maryland Republican Party, join us to discuss the COVID-19 relief package and political instability in the United States. The GOP has countered the Biden team's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill with a skinny bill that totals only $600 billion. Will US President Joe Biden accept it or go with Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) recommendation of using budget reconciliation to bypass Republican opposition? The Republican Party struggles to maintain its political footing post-Trump as Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has founded a political action committee to push against the party's embrace of the former president. 

    Niko House, a political activist, independent journalist and podcaster, joins us to discuss the government's crackdown on domestic speech and dissent. A number of mainstream journalists are coming together to support a government crackdown on the media. Alleged lefty Anand Giridharadas posed an extremely dangerous question as he recently argued “it’s time for this question to be front and center: Should Fox News be allowed to exist?” Also, Bill Adair, founder of "Politifact," called for “a bipartisan commission to investigate the problem of misinformation and make recommendations about how to address it,” perhaps through “regulations and new laws.” Meanwhile, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is warning against the danger of new domestic terrorism laws. 

    Kevin Gosztola, managing editor of Shadowproof.com, joins us to discuss his latest article about Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Gosztola writes that Biden's notorious warhawk pushes the Pax Americana paradigm for order and that he "thinks if the United States does not impose its will and shape the world, then there will be no law and order." He goes on to discuss Blinken's alarming statements and policy positions on Ukraine, Libya, and Venezuela among other nations that the US has destabilized. 

    Dan Lazare, investigative journalist and author of "The Velvet Coup: The Constitution, the Supreme Court and the Decline of American Democracy," joins us to discuss the coup in Myanmar. The Myanmar military has overthrown the government and imposed a one-year emergency rule until new elections can be held. They are expected to soon reveal their handpicked government ministers, which are expected to be both former and current military personnel. The move came after the military's lopsided loss in recent elections in which they argued widespread fraud. Many are anticipating a harsh repression of dissent as extensive dissatisfaction of the coup manifests itself on social media. 

    Miko Peled, an author and activist, joins us to talk about Israel. In Miko's latest Mintpress news article, he argues the Biden administration's early indicators are that they will bend the knee to the Benjamin Netanyahu wing of the Israeli government. Peled discusses a recent panel of young people that he hosted. He says that the Democratic Party would do well to listen to the younger generation as they push for an Israeli peace settlement that respects the concerns of the Palestinians. 

    Nicholas Ayala, editor at the Anticonquista Media Collective, joins us to discuss the unity of Latin American nations against the declining US Empire. He also explains how the current anti-war positions in the United States leave little room for the anti-imperialist argument pushed by the victims of US imperial hegemonic oppression. Ayala explains how the political chaos and instability in the US has created new alliances in the two ruling parties, and that "each alliance represents a different section of bourgeois interests in the capitalist-imperialist empire." 

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