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    'No Good Evidence' Russia Behind Shootdown of MH17 Plane in Ukraine

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    US Administration's 'evidence is as sketchy as one could imagine,' charges the intelligence veteran turned peace activist...

    It's been just over one year since we were told by Sec. of State Kerry and President Obama that so-called pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killing all 298 on board. The evidence to support the claims, as repeatedly cited by Sec. of State John Kerry at the time, was based largely on "social media". But no hard evidence has been presented by the US since that no time.

    On today's BradCast, we are joined by retired, 27-year CIA analyst turned peace activist Ray McGovern, who personal delivered the CIA's Presidential Daily Briefings to several Presidents, including Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. His organization, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) — which includes several high-ranking former intelligence professionals and whistleblowers — have called, once again, on the US to release any evidence to support their claims that Russia was behind the downing of MH17.

    "We're investing 90 billion dollars a year in US intelligence and when push comes to shove, we have to rely on social media?", he asks incredulously. "The evidence is as sketchy as one could imagine." In fact, he goes on to tell me on today's program that "there is no good evidence that pro-Russian separatists, so-called, or the Russians themselves shot down that plane. I am morally certain were there to be such evidence, it would be [shouted] from the housetops as proof that Kerry was right."

    In support of his disturbing assertions, McGovern cites, for example, the so-called "Government Assessment" that was publicly issued by the Administration just days after the incident, in place of a traditional "Intelligence Assessment". "What [Kerry] offered was a 'Government Assessment', which means it was written in the White House, which means it was a political document written by political hacks, and that the intelligence analysts would not sign on to it," McGovern tells me. "That is significant. This is a new genre of report not supported by the intelligence analysts, and that speaks volumes."

    "The reason why there could be no intelligence assessment," he asserts, "is because my former colleagues were honest enough to prevent that. They said, 'look, we don't want to sign on, like our former colleagues did, in a fraudulent estimate saying Iraq has weapons of mass destruction'."

    McGovern, who is decidedly non-partisan (see his infamous personal 2006 confrontation with then-SecDef Donald Rumsfeld over lies about WMD, for evidence) offers several cases of similar misinformation offered by the US in the recent past (during his time with the Reagan Administration, for example), and goes on to explain why he believes the US is concealing "available" evidence and/or failing to correct previous assertions during our must-listen conversation on today's show.

    Also on today's BradCast: Several other breaking news items and updates, as well as our latest Green News Report…


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