10:38 GMT15 April 2021
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    CIA Drugging of 9/11 Detainees and Jeb Too Dumb to Run

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    CIA used hallucinogenic drugs on detainees during interrogations after 9/11; Jeb Bush received a second bite at the apple on a question about the Iraq War; and the Iowa farmer who claims an oil exec offered him a 'teenage prostitute' in exchange for giving up his land for a new oil pipeline...

    I'm joined today on The BradCast by VICE News' investigative journalist Jason Leopold to discuss the exclusive documents he obtained concerning the drugging of detainees during interrogations after 9/11. Also, Leopold, who has spent quite a bit of time lately as a reporter at Guantanamo Bay, discusses why President Obama may suddenly be in a hurry to keep his promise to shut down the controversial facility.

    Also, after defending Jeb Bush on his Iraq comments on yesterday's show, I'm forced to offer a retraction today in light of Jeb's second attempt to answer the same question. It is clear that he's at least as dumb as his brother, and certainly too dumb to be President of these United States.

    Finally, millions of dollars in campaign contributions are flowing to elected officials from fossil fuel interests in exchange for billions in tax-payer funded subsides, reports The Guardian — Plus, the story of the Iowa farmer who claims an oil executive offered him a 'teenage prostitute' in exchange for giving up his land to a new Bakken Shale oil pipeline…

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