05:43 GMT03 August 2021
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    Montenegro: Mounting Troubles

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    Montenegro, a tiny Balkan nation known as a popular summer resort, is rocked by unprecedented protests against its government's preemptive decision to join NATO.

    In an article entitled “Police Break Up Protests in Montenegro With Tear Gas After Weeks of Demonstrations”, by Reuters and Vice News, available on the latter’s website, it’s reported that:

    “Video of the unrest shows a wall of police officers clad in riot gear facing off against protesters on Saturday, followed by footage of blasts and smoke from the rapidly fired tear gas and stun grenades. Around 5,000 protesters marched the parliament demanding the resignation of veteran Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and snap elections.”

    To discuss in more detail we are joined by Victor Mizin, vice president of the Center for Strategic Assessments in Moscow (studio guest) and Tijana Kovacevic, Montenegrin political observer (Podgorice).

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