18:50 GMT12 August 2020
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    US Media Targets Russia: the Politics Behind the New Witch Hunt

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    Today, Brian spends the full hour addressing the election and the drumbeat of militaristic anti-Russia rhetoric.

    Brian is joined from New York by journalist and writer Ben Norton, a politics reporter and staff writer at Salon.com. Brian is also joined from Moscow by Clinton Ehrlich, a visiting researcher at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, and by Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and now political activist and journalist.

    This year’s US presidential election is now less than two months away, but is a foreign government working to determine whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump take office? The Clinton campaign and much of the mainstream media would like you to think so. With frequent allegations being hurled against Russia by the Democratic establishment, do any of the accusations actually add up? Are Americans losing faith in the political system because of the machinations of Moscow, or is that discontent actually entirely homegrown?

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