00:23 GMT20 April 2021
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    Will 9/11 Victims Soon Be Able to Sue Saudi Arabia?

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    On today's episode of Loud & Clear, host Brian Becker is joined by journalist Roshan Muhammad Salih to discuss President Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia.

    Iran is high on the agenda, but so is the Senate legislation proposed by Democrats that would allow U.S. citizens to sue Saudi Arabia for possible involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Is the U.S-Saudi relationship experiencing serious friction?

    The Erdogan government in Turkey moves to shut down the Sputnik News hub in Turkey after the dramatic expulsion of Sputnik Turkey's editor-in-chief. Becker is joined by George Galloway, Ray McGovern and John Kiriakou to talk about what the latest suppression of the media in Turkey means.

    Britain gears up for the referendum on whether to leave the European Union that takes place in June with official campaigns launched last Friday for both the “Stay” and “Leave” sides. But there are other campaigns that did not receive official status in the campaign, such as the left-wing leave campaign dubbed “Lexit”. Alex Gordon, the former President of the RMT Union and an advocate of Lexit, joins Becker to discuss his views on the referendum.

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