15:11 GMT05 December 2020
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    When Life Gives You Lemons, Do You Know How to Make Lemonade?

    Looking Forward
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    What role does emotional intelligence play in your life? How often instead of looking on the bright side of life we get even more bogged down in negativity and refuse to notice whatever good there is around us. Tune in to get some tips on how to avoid that.

    Very often when confronted by a challenge or a temporary misfortune we begin to feel downhearted.

    Although it’s a natural reaction, however, if it lasts a while, it creates even more problems for us.

    What does it take to get back on track and start taking life in stride?

    Looking forward discusses this with Dr. Hamira Riaz, a psychologist and Managing Director at H.Riaz Consults ltd.

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