21:59 GMT26 November 2020
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    What Happens When You Take A Brit To Crimea?

    Hard Facts
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    This is the question John Wight asks of journalist Graham Phillips as they discuss his upcoming documentary 'A Brit in Crimea'; which aims to dispel the myths about this Black Sea peninsula and to get to the truth about life in the region three years after it voted to join the Russian Federation.

    Graham Phillips is one of the few truly independent foreign correspondents in our time. Over the past few years, he has based himself in eastern Ukraine, where his reports of the ongoing conflict there have helped shine a light on the reality of life for millions trapped in a part of the world that has been turned into a major front in the new Cold War. But now Graham has embarked on a unique attempt to move beyond the geopolitical factors involved in the Ukrainian crisis to reveal what day to day life is like for those whose only desire is to be able to get on with their lives. His documentary 'A Brit in Crimea' records a road trip that he took last year with his friend Les Scott from the UK to Crimea. What it provides is a look at life in a part of the world that has featured heavily in the international news in the context of its secession from Ukraine to become part of the Russian Federation in 2014.

    On this episode of Hard Facts, John is joined in the studio by Graham Phillips and Les to discuss the documentary, the making of it, and Graham's work over these past few years from the frontlines in Ukraine. For more on Graham and his work, check out his website https://thetruthspeaker.co/

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