10:23 GMT15 August 2020
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    Moscow: Love-Hate Relationship

    From Moscow with Love
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    What do we like and what do we dislike about our city? Is there a spot in the Russian capital where the Wi-Fi network hasn’t reached yet? What did our teachers use to tell us many years ago? Plus listeners’ letters.

    In 2010, “From Moscow with Love” ran a special feature on what we love and hate about our great city. How have our feelings changed in the time that passed? Compare the views from yesterday and today.

    The Moscow Wi-Fi network. It is all over the city. Literally. Not a blank spot left in Moscow. Not even the metro. Find out how plans are being made to connect all lines of the Russian capital’s famous subway system with the World Wide Web.

    In our “Quotes from our Russian teachers” segment, we recall some of the unique things our Moscow schoolteachers used to say to us in class.

    Plus listeners’ letters and times and frequencies for the shortwave broadcast of From Moscow with Love.

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