12:34 GMT12 May 2021
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    US to Impose New Sanctions on Russia Over Unproven Hack Claims

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked about the Supreme Court as a political tool, H.R. 40 and the case for reparations, the migrant crisis and Kamala's relative silence, today's sanctions against Russia, Bernie Madoff's legacy, and crypto as 'currency.'


    Joel Segal – Congressional Staffer and Founder of JAMN | Supreme Court Politics and the Reparations Bill in the House

    Ted Rall – Political Cartoonist & Syndicated Columnist | Kamala's Crocheting: Soft Treatment from WaPo, and the United States Sanctions Today on Russia

    Steve Grumbine – Political, Economic and Social Justice Activist | Madoff's Crimes and Wall Street's Negligence, Coinbase Listed On the NASDAQ

    In our first hour, we were joined by Joel Segal to talk about the politicization of the Supreme Court after President Biden signed an executive order to create a Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court, bringing about allegations that he's pushing to pack the court after Trump used his term to fill three of the Supreme Court's seats. We turned to H.R. 40, a bill under consideration in the House after being passed by committee for the first time in its 30-plus year history since being introduced by Joel's late friend and colleague John Conyers in 1989.

    In our second hour, we were joined by Ted Rall to talk about Vice President Kamala Harris and the migrant crisis. We hit the Washington Post for publishing a puff piece on Harris's crocheting proclivities, how the VP hasn't had a press conference on the topic of the migrant crisis since being picked to head the United States response to it, before turning to the details of American sanctions against Russia coming out this morning before those sanctions are due to be issued later today.

    In our last hour, we were joined by Steve Grumbine to talk about the crimes and legacy of Wall Street financier and convicted Ponzi scheme fund manager Bernie Madoff, who died yesterday in prison while serving his century-plus sentence. We looked at ongoing crimes on Wall Street and the idea that the institution is guilty of presiding over its own Ponzi scheme, before turning the topic to cryptocurrencies after the cryptocurrency-trading company Coinbase was listed in the NASDAQ at a nearly $100 billion valuation.

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