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    Republicans Fight On Infrastructure, ATTIP Dir Elizondo Talks UFOs, China Power, Ukraine Troop Moves

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl L. Thomas and Shane Stranahan discussed the Republicans' plan to attack Biden's infrastructure bill, UFOs with the former director of the Pentagon's unacknowledged UFO research program.


    Luis 'Lue' Elizondo - Former Director Of ATTIP | Government's Upcoming Report on UAPs & What We've Learned Through Scientific Observation

    Ian Goodrum - Senior editor and columnist at China Daily | China Signs 25 Year Economic & Military Cooperation Deal With Iran & China's Growth In Response To Hostility From The West

    Camila Escalante - TV news producer and presenter at teleSUR English who also works with Kawsachun News | Bolivia Govt Reconciles the Problems & Injustices Created By The Coup That Violently Removed Evo Morales

    Margaret Kimberly -  Margaret Kimberly is a Senior Columnist and Editor for Black Agenda Report | Why Mass Killings Are So Prevalent In US & Blacks Getting Cozy With Cuomo

    Mark Sleboda - International Relations and Security Analyst | Troop Movements in the Ukraine Could indicate A War Over Nord Stream Pipeline

    In the first hour, Former Director of the Pentagon's unacknowledged study into UFOs, Luis Elizondo, gives the goods on what we know through scientific observation about UFOs. 

    We were also joined by Ian Goodrum to discuss China's 25 year deal with Iran for economic and military cooperation. We also discuss the principle of win win relationships versus the scorched earth zero sum playbook of the United States and whether this forces China to alter the tenor of it's interaction on the world stage. 

    At the end of the hour, Camila Escalante provided a fantastic report out of Bolivia on the government as it works through its problems - legal and existential, extending from the Anez coup government. The country's problems are made all the more complicated as the US (backed the coup) is putting pressure on the country to stay it's hand regarding the prosecutions of the coup mongers.

    In the last hour, we were joined with Black Agenda Report's Margaret Kimberly in a discussion on mass killings and why they're so prevalent in the United States compared to other industrialized nations. We also discussed her article on an embattled Cuomo finding a safe space among the black "misleadership" class in New York. This included a shameless comparisons of Gov Cuomo to Emmett Till or the exonerated Central Park Five.

    In the last segment, usually "The Wrap", we were joined by Mark Sleboda to discuss troop movements by the Ukrainian military. Mark believes there's an actual chance for a larger conflict due the declining internal dynamic of Western Ukraine in addition to the politics around the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

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