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    China Turns the Tables on the USA with Human Rights Abuse Allegations

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discuss the state of the United Nations with a candidate for Secretary-General, the United States self-defeating foreign policies both military and moral, and the latest on Assange, Progressives, and Myanmar.


    Arora Akanksha – Candidate for Secretary-General of the United Nations | Challenging the Status Quo at the UN

    Caleb Maupin – Speaker, Writer, Journalist, Political Analyst & Author | US Funneling Money Into Groups US is Fighting, China on USA's Human Rights Abuses

    Misty Winston – Political Activist & Organizer | Appeal on Assange's Extradition

    Niko House – Political Activist & Broadcast Journalist | AOC On Lefty Critics & Democrats Reforming Themselves, Niko Suspended from Twitter

    K.J. Noh – Journalist, Writer, and Teacher | Deadliest Day Yet in Myanmar

    In the contest between nations, the United Nations has become the key international body responsible for resolving disputes and bringing countries together on globally important issues. We were joined by Arora Akanksha, a candidate for the position of Secretary-General of the UN, to talk about what's gone wrong with the institution and where she would take it.

    We were joined by Caleb Maupin to discuss the United States' self-perpetuated infighting in Iraq, where American foreign policy is heading in the region, and what the Iraq war was really about. We also talked about the contest between the United States and China over the moral high ground as each country alleges the other is guilty of significant human rights violations.

    As Julian Assange's legal defense prepares its arguments today in the U.S. government's appeal in favor of Assange's extradition, we spoke with Misty Winston about what comes next in Assange's case and what kind of mass movement he'd need to find freedom.

    We were joined by Niko House to talk about what Progressives in Congress are actually fighting for in Congress, why there's such a backlash from their base, and whether Trump would make the Republican party more economically progressive.

    After the deadliest day yet in Myanmar on Saturday, we spoke with K.J. Noh about what the protestors are fighting for, what role the country's armed ethnic minorities play in Myanmar's politics and its military dynamics, and where the bloody civil conflict is headed.

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