18:13 GMT06 July 2020
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    Should More Statues Topple?

    Fault Lines
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    In today's episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamal Thomas and Shane Stranahan discussed a variety of issues from the latest charges against Julian Assange to the strategies and tactics of the Black Lives Matter protesters.


    Caleb Maupin - Speaker, writer, journalist, political analyst, and author of City Builders and Vandals in Our Age: Articles and Essays on Socialism | The Politics of CHAZ, The Never-Ending Battle For The Confederacy

    William Ayers - Author and Former Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) | Black Lives Matter, 60s History

    Taylor Hudak - Journalist, Activist, and the Co-Founder of Action for Assange | New Julian Assange Indictment

    Kim Iversen - Independent Journalist and Host of the Kim Iversen Show on YouTube | The True Meaning of 'Defund The Police' & The Issue of Symbolic Justice

    In Jamarl's monologue, he asked whether both President Trump and the Democrats have put people in peril for capitalism by forcing essential workers to risk contracting the COVID-19 virus.

    In the first hour, Jamarl and Shane talked to Caleb Maupin about left-wing versus right-wing populism. Maupin said that in his experience as a reporter, the people on the left and right seem to see the same problems but disagree on what the correct solution is. He also discussed some of the pushback he's been getting from people on the left for talking to people on the right and said that he thinks that idea of not talking to both sides is "political suicide" although he questions working together.

    In the second hour, the hosts talked to author and activist Bill Ayers about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it fits into the historical context of his 1960s activism. Ayers expressed his disgust for the Teddy Roosevelt statue that was recently removed from the Museum of Natural History in New York and also talked about one of his areas of expertise, education. He discussed the importance of education that focuses on individuals, not just on standardized testing.

    In the third hour, Shane and Jamarl talked to activist and journalist Taylor Hudak about the latest charges against Julian Assange by the United States government. Hudak outlined some of the history of the hackers turned FBI informants.

    Finally, YouTube host Kim Iversen talked about her reactions to the Black Lives Matter protest and said that while she finds some of the demands of the protesters to be shocking, she believes they open a conversation that is useful. They also discussed whether protesters tearing down statues is justified.

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