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    A Forceful Revenge is Coming

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan devote the entire show to breaking news. Last night President Trump authorized an airstrike that killed Iran's top strategist General Suleimani.


    Ian Shilling - Geopolitical Analyst | On A War Footing After Last Night's Assassination

    Margaret Kimberley - Editor of 'Black Agenda Report' | The Blowback from the Killing of Soleimani

    Maram Susli - Political Commentator and Geopolitical Analyst | Syria's Role In An Open Conflict with Iran

    Mark Sleboda - International Relations & Security Analyst | The International Response to Soleimani

    Patrick Henningsen - Founder of independent news website 21st Century Wire | The End of US Occupancy of Iraq?

    Mark Frost - Economist, professor, consultant, marine | The Economic Fallout from the Soleimani Killing

    Tom Luongo - Geopolitical Analyst & Publisher of the Gold Goats 'n Guns Newsletter | War, Peace, and Goats: Tom Luongo Wraps Up the Week

    General Soleimani was the architect of nearly every significant operation by Iranian intelligence and military forces over the past two decades. His vehicle was struck by two missiles as his convoy exited the airport. President Trump authorized the drone attack and tweeted about it shortly after.  

    Geopolitical analyst Ian Shilling gives his perspective on what comes next. Editor of 'Black Agenda Report' Margaret Kimberley describes the attack as a mistake. Political commentator Maram Susli explains how Syria connects to the conflict. Mark Sleboda, a security analyst, outlines the reaction from international media.  Founder of 21st Century Wire Patrick Henningsen explores whether the US will stay in Iraq. Economist Mark Frost analyzes the attack from an economic standpoint. Tom Luongo, a geopolitical analyst, addresses the citizens that are celebrating the attack.

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