21:12 GMT07 April 2020
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    The Whole Propaganda Network Falls When We The People Get Smarter!

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan confront elitism. The Inspector General's report found James Comey violated FBI policy, but the Justice Department will not prosecute.


    Mark Sleboda - International Relations & Security Analyst | Hong Kong Arrests? Ukrainian Hostages? Turkish Meetings? All and More!

    Ryan Jensen - Conservative Commentator & Host of 'Ryan Responds' | Is the IG's Report a Nail in Comey's Career's Coffin?

    John Kiriakou - Former CIA Officer & Host of 'Loud and Clear' | The IG Goes After Comey in Yesterday's Report

    Whitney Webb - Staff Writer at Mint Press News | Epstein's Relationship with Bill Clinton

    There are major events happening in Ukraine and Turkey that we will not ignore. International relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda gives us a rundown of the top international news we need to know.

    Whether you lean toward the left or right, the IG report concluding James Comey violated FBI policy but will not be prosecuted should make you ask yourself, "what if that was me?" John Kiriakou, former CIA Officer shares his experience with injustice in the federal system. Conservative commentator Ryan Jensen shares his perspective on the government's strategies. 

    Only a small number of journalists are covering the real story of Jeffrey Epstein. Whitney Webb, a staff writer at Mint Press News, has emerged as the leader of investigating his network.  She talks about the final article in her bombshell Epstein series.


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