18:58 GMT13 June 2021
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    Dr. Wilmer Leon: "The Blackmail Operation is The Epstein Story"

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan focus on United States domestic policy. President Trump seems to be backpedaling on his gun law proposal and corporate media is still sewing division.


    Ford Fischer - Independent Journalist and Founder of News2Share.com | Portland Protests Go... Bananas?

    Carmine Sabia - Writer and Managing Editor at TheFederalistPapers.org | Is Trump Reversing his Position on Guns?

    Gareth Porter - Investigative Historian and Journalist | 'Russia Didn't Hack the U.S.'... Says the States!

    Wilmer Leon - Host of 'The Critical Hour' on Radio Sputnik | The Epstein Story is MUCH Deeper Than Corporate Media's Telling

    Raw footage journalist, Ford Fischer, got right in the middle of the action at the latest Proud Boys protest in Portland, Oregon.  The demonstration put Antifa on the brink of being labeled an "organization of terror" by President Trump, so Ford Fischer outlines each group's ideology.

    Republicans and Democrats are revving up the "gun laws" issue. Our conservative guest, Carmine Sabia, managing editor at The Federalist Papers, is certainly in favor of some adjustments, so long as the right to bear arms remains.

    As we move deeper into the campaigning season, the media continues to push implications regarding the integrity of the voting system.  Investigative historian, Gareth Porter, discusses his point-blank article, "U.S. States: We Weren't Hacked by Russians in 2016."

    Jeffrey Epstein is still at the top of the news cycle, mainly because the story does not add up.  Sputnik's very own, Dr. Wilmer Leon, host of 'The Critical Hour', directly addresses corporate media's attempt to distract and divide.

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