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    Global Tensions are Rising: Hong Kong, Israel, and the United States

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan examine the massive protest in Hong Kong. Sputnik's Bob Schlehuber is on the ground covering the demonstration.


    Dominic Carter - Reporter for Verizon Fios in New York | Investigating the Unsealed Epstein Documents

    Bob Schlehuber - Producer for 'By Any Means Necessary' | Live from Hong Kong's Explosive Protests

    Dr. Jane Ruby - Author and Neuroscientist | Is Israel Right to Block American Citizens?

    Ariel Gold - National Co-Director at Code Pink | Is Israel Wrong to Block American Citizens?

    Nicole Roussell - Producer for 'Loud and Clear' | What Was the Climate at the Proud Boys Protest in Portland?

    Pearse Redmond - Host of 'Porkins Policy Radio' | International Intrigue with Prince Andrew and Jeff Epstein

    As the Jeffrey Epstein narrative continues, Verizon Fios reporter, Dominic Carter, questions the validity of the suicide ruling.  As a New York journalist, Dominic is very familiar with the facility where Epstein was held.

    Israel sparring with Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib has amplified tensions.  In this fiery segment, author, Dr. Jane Ruby and national co-director at Code Pink, Ariel Gold, give us a strong right and strong left perspective, respectively, on the appropriateness of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump's behaviors.

    There are protests happening all over the world, simultaneously.  Bob Schlehuber, producer of 'By Any Means Necessary,' shares live audio from the streets of Hong Kong.  Over the weekend, Portland, Oregon hosted an alt-right, Proud Boys demonstration and Antifa turned out.  'Loud and Clear' producer Nicole Roussell attended the event and reports what she experienced.

    Lately, Pearse Redmond, host of Porkins Policy Radio, has focused his journalism on Jeffrey Epstein's affiliates.  Pearse shares his findings and begins piecing together the big picture, contributing to Lee Stranahan and Whitney Webb's research.

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