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    Are Alienation and Isolation Driving Mass Shooters to Take Action?

    Fault Lines
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    Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist & Syndicated Columnist | How is Societal Alienation Contributing to the Mass Shooting Epidemic

    Dr. Bosworth - Internal Medicine Physician & Author | Health Q&A: Inflammation, Keto Diet, Sugar Intake & Nerve Problems

    Niko House - Political Activist & Broadcast Journalist | Tulsi Gabbard's Deployment, Democratic Presidential Primary & Chris Cuomo's Viral Outburst

    Mark Frost - Economist and Professor | The "Inverted Yield Curve" and Potential for an Economic Recession

    Natalie McGill - Comedian and Correspondent on 'Redacted Tonight' | Monsanto's Operations and Its Media Strategy

    The rise in deadly mass shootings has the American public looking for answers as to what the underlying causes are that drive these events to occur. Political Cartoonist & Syndicated Columnist Ted Rall joins the hosts for a discussion about the psychological state of mass shooters, how anger and isolation impact young men, if hatred of women contributes to these killings, and how society can better ensure that young men successfully transition into adulthood. 

    Later in the program, Internal Medicine Physician Annette Bosworth takes questions from Garland, Lee, and multiple callers about a variety of health and medical related issues. Dr. Bosworth addresses the topics of sciatic nerve trouble, the ketogenic diet, pain related to inflammation, and controlling sugar intake as she gives her advice on how to deal with these different situations. 

    Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is stepping away from her campaign for two weeks while she travels to Indonesia as a member of the Army National Guard. Niko House, a Political Activist & Broadcast Journalist, returns to 'Fault Lines' to discuss Gabbard's deployment and history serving in the military and how American troops and veterans are treated by the government. They also talk about recent Presidential poll results, the upcoming Democratic Presidential debates, and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's viral public confrontation.

    Reports of an "inverted yield curve" have sparked concerns about a potential recession and led to a major financial market downturn yesterday. Economist and Professor Mark Frost joins the show to explain the significance of the yield curve, how short and long-term perceptions of investors impact markets, and the current trajectory of the US economy.

    For the final segment, Garland and Lee are joined by Natalie McGill, a Comedian and Correspondent on the show 'Redacted Tonight.' Together they discuss how she prepares content for 'Redacted Tonight' and why the program is produced in front of a live audience. They also talk about some of the questionable actions taken by the company Monsanto and how its media strategies/public relations efforts have sought to control narratives about the company's history. 

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