03:36 GMT27 January 2020
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    Google Wants to Control What You See and How You Think

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the new undercover videos from 'Project Veritas' which have shed some light on Google's internal operations and how the company manipulates search content. How does tech giant Google impact real-world perceptions and views, and should you switch to a new search engine?


    Mark Sleboda - International Relations & Security Analyst | G20 Summit Preview, Trump's Summit Goals & Upcoming Election in Ukraine 

    Patrick Henningsen - Journalist & Founder of: 21stCenturyWire.com | US-Iran Relations, New Sanctions, Search Engine Options & Julian Assange

    Danny Sjursen - Retired US Army Officer and Former History Instructor at West Point | John Bolton and the Pro-War Nature of the US Political Establishment

    Ali Alexander - Political Consultant | How Google Tries to Control what You See & Rep. Ilhan Omar's Unclear Marital Past

    Later this week, President Trump and other world leaders will meet in Osaka, Japan for the fourteenth-ever G20 Summit. International Relations Analyst Mark Sleboda joins today's show to talk about what to watch for at this upcoming G20 Summit, how President Trump may look to use this meeting to serve his domestic political interests, the relationship between Trump and Putin, and expectations for the upcoming Parliamentary Election in Ukraine. 

    President Trump opted against taking retaliatory military action against Iran following the downing of a US drone, but he has instituted new sanctions against Iran furthering the divide between the two countries. Journalist Patrick Henningsen returns to 'Fault Lines' to discuss US-Iran relations and the nature of negotiations between the US and Iran. Additionally, Henningsen talks with the hosts about the different search engine and browser options available to use beyond Google, how the Mueller Report missed the mark, and the treatment of Julian Assange by various governments including the US and United Kingdom.

    National Security Adviser John Bolton is one of the most hawkish members of the US foreign policy establishment, and his influence on the Trump administration has almost certainly pushed the US and Iran closer to a major military conflict. Retired U.S. Army Officer Danny Sjursen joins the program to analyze President Trump's actions towards Iran, how Trump views his authority as President of the United States, the pro-war nature of the US mainstream media, and what the American public can do to combat aggressive foreign policy actions.

    For the final segment, Garland and Lee are joined by Political Consultant Ali Alexander to talk about the recent videos released by 'Project Veritas' which showcase how tech giant Google manipulates its search algorithms and seeks to control narratives in the public discourse. Together, they will discuss if Google should be broken up into more than one company, free speech and censorship concerns on social media, and the strange story about Rep. Ilhan Omar and her past marital history.

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