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    Should President Trump be Concerned That Impeachment is a Real Possibility?

    Fault Lines
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    by Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the likelihood that Congressional Democrats will pursue the impeachment of President Trump and the potential political fallout from such a polarizing move. Is Trump guaranteed protection by the Senate, or is there danger looming that should have the President worried?


    Ian Miles Cheong — Managing Editor at | 'The Daily Beast' Identifies the Creator of Viral Nancy Pelosi Video

    Jim Jatras — Government and Media Relations Specialist | History of Impeachment and the Possible Danger to President Trump

    Dr. Bill Honigman — Emergency Room Doctor & Progressive Healthcare Activist | The California Democratic Convention, 2020 Democratic Candidates & Politics of Impeachment

    The creator of the viral Nancy Pelosi meme-style video was publicly identified over the weekend by 'The Daily Beast' as a forklift worker and blogger who lives in the Bronx, New York. Ian Miles Cheong, Managing Editor at, joins today's show to discuss the significance (or lack there of) about this specific Nancy Pelosi video, the stories that seem to get the political media outraged, the journalistic ethics of revealing this man's identity, and how social media companies are able to do the bidding of certain politicians and powerful interests.

    Despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller's multi-year investigation failing to charge President Trump with any crime, it seems quite possible that Congressional Democrats will pursue impeachment against the sitting President. Jim Jatras, a Government and Media Relations Specialist, returns to the program to talk about the past history of Presidential impeachment, parallels between Trump and former President Richard Nixon's political situations, if Republicans should be concerned about a possible impeachment, and how 2020 election politics are playing into the calculations being made by both Democrats and Republicans.

    Over the weekend, California Democrats held their 2019 State Convention which was attended by several prominent Democratic 2020 Presidential candidates, however former Vice President Joe Biden was notably not in attendance. Progressive Healthcare Activist Dr. Bill Honigman was at the San Francisco-based event, and he joins Garland and Lee on today's show to talk about how the different candidates who showed up were received by the crowd, the significance of Joe Biden being a no-show, and the main concerns expressed by grassroots activists who were in attendance. Additionally, the hosts talk with Dr. Honigman about the possibility of impeachment for President Trump and why he supports Democrats pursuing this action.

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