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    Fault Lines

    Staying Up to Date on Major Geopolitical Events

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan receive updates on some key global stories including political tension in Venezuela and the possible extradition of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange. How does the Trump administration view these situations, and is the current trajectory of US foreign policy on a dangerous course?


    Patrick Henningsen — Journalist & Founder of 21stCenturyWire.com | LIVE Updates from the Julian Assange Extradition Hearing in London

    Ariel Gold — National Co-Director at Code Pink | LIVE Updates from the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC

    Phil Wilayto — Editor of The Virginia Defender & Coordinator of the Odessa Solidarity Campaign | The 5th Anniversary of the Odessa Massacre in Ukraine

    Dr. Bosworth — Internal Medicine Physician & Author | Baby Boomer Health and Benefits of Fasting

    Danny Sjursen — Retired U.S. Army Officer and Former History Instructor at West Point | What SHOULD Be the Major Goals of US Foreign Policy?

    Today, WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange is at a court hearing in London regarding his potential extradition from the United Kingdom. Journalist Patrick Henningsen is live at the scene of outside of this event, and he joins Garland and Lee on today's show for an update on what is taking place inside the courtroom and what it could mean for a possible Assange extradition to the United States.

    A number of US citizens are currently staying at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC as the political uncertainty in Venezuela continues to mount. Ariel Gold, National Co-Director at Code Pink, joins the program to discuss what has been taking place at the DC Embassy, its current security situation, and the likelihood that these occupants at the Embassy could be ousted in the near future.

    Today is the 5th Anniversary of the Odessa Massacre where at least 48 people were killed following violent protests and a massive fire which took place Odessa, Ukraine. Phil Wilayto, Editor of The Virginia Defender & Coordinator of the Odessa Solidarity Campaign, returns to 'Fault Lines' for a conversation about the events that took place in Odessa on May 2, 2014, the current geopolitics of Ukraine, and how the Maidan Revolution evolved over the course of several months.

    As people get older, they regularly seek out new methods to combat the inevitable aging process. Annette Bosworth M.D. joins Garland and Lee on today's episode to give some of her tips for the Baby Boomer generation with a specific focus on preventative medical strategies and why periodic fasting can be a beneficial practice.

    For the final segment, the hosts are joined by retired US Army Officer Danny Sjursen for a discussion about the purpose of US foreign policy and where it would be best served in focusing its resources. How often does US military action involve direct national security interests, what is the role of the media in US foreign policy, and is President Trump's current foreign policy team problematic for the trajectory of his administration?

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