04:58 GMT19 February 2020
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    Will Joe Biden's Past Behavior with Women Derail His Presidential Ambitions?

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the recent allegation from Nevada-based politician Lucy Flores that she was inappropriately touched by former VP Joe Biden in 2014. Will this report and Biden's other past interactions with women cost him an opportunity at the Democratic nomination for President in 2020?


    Medea Benjamin — Co-Founder of Code Pink | The 'No to NATO — Yes to Peace' Festival

    Andrew Arthur — Resident Fellow in Law and Policy for the Center for Immigration Studies | Immigration Battles: Trump Cuts Aid to 3 Central American Countries

    Austin Petersen — Business Owner and Former Candidate for US Senate in Missouri | The Danger of Political Echo Chambers & The End of Mueller's Investigation

    Elizabeth Vos — Independent Journalist, Contributor to Consortium News, Co-host & Co-founder of Unity4J | A Year of Silencing Julian Assange and the Fallout from RussiaGate

    Later this week will be the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, better known as NATO. Code Pink Co-Founder Medea Benjamin returns to the program to discuss whether NATO makes the United States more or less safe and to compare and contrast President Trump's words versus his actions regarding NATO.

    Over the weekend, the Trump administration announced its plan to cut aid to three Central American countries, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras related to the illegal immigration situation at the US Southern Border. Andrew Arthur, from the Center for Immigration Studies, joins Garland and Lee on today's show to talk about who is being served politically by the current immigration status quo, the latest involving upcoming caravans, and how countries in Central America are impacted by illegal immigration to the United States.

    The end of Robert Mueller's investigation, which found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, was a shock to many people who bought in wholesale to the establishment's RussiaGate narrative. Former candidate for Senate in Missouri Austin Petersen joins Fault Lines to give his take on the fallout from the Mueller Report and to discuss the danger of social media echo chambers and confirmation bias in our modern political climate.

    The majority of the mainstream media has covered WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in a negative light for years. Independent Journalist Elizabeth Vos returns to the show to discuss Julian Assange's current situation, the state of journalism in the United States, and the overall success and impact of the RussiaGate narrative for the political establishment.

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