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    Fault Lines

    Bipartisan Divisions: Democratic Fractures, GOP Civil War Over Roy Moore

    Fault Lines
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    Garland Nixon, Lee Stranahan
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    A fifth woman has accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, leading several top to urge him to step aside. Other Republicans have defended him, raising questions about the GOP unity. Meanwhile, acrimony between the progressive and corporate wings of the Democratic Party flare. What do these divisions say about the two party system?

    On this episode of "Fault Lines," hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the discord within the Democratic and Republican parties. Process rigging, defending questionable conduct, infighting, and similar conflicts demonstrate flaws in the two party system.

    Garland and Lee will also discuss the mainstream media's continuing efforts to suppress viewpoints that challenge the establishment narrative.

    The hosts and guests will analyze top news stories and issues including the Saudi-US war in Yemen; healthcare as a human right; the conflicts between corporate and progressive Democrats; and other major news items.

    Scheduled guests include: Andrea Miller, executive director of People Demanding Action, former candidate for Congress — topic: Virginia elections & Democratic Party; Kurt Bateman, health policy expert, former UAW worker in Ohio — topic: working people's support for progressive policies; Darlene Brown, CEO DivineEmpowerment.org pep talk for Tuesday; George Ripley, Founder of "Focus on Democracy" — topic: personally questioning Tom Perez re: rigged primaries; Congress person Alan Grayson, on the Democratic Party after DNC shuffle & Donna Brazile book; Matthew Tyrmand, Journalist active in both the US and Poland — topic: Media Coverage of the Polish Independence Day March.

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