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    Fault Lines

    What Does the Roy Moore Controversy Say About Our Politics and Society?

    Fault Lines
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    Four women have accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, one who says she was 14 when Moore initiated sexual contact with her. Twenty sources have corroborated. While many have condemned, others have defended his conduct. Some Republicans have said that even if the allegations are proven, they’d still support Moore over his Democratic opponent.

    On this episode of "Fault Lines," hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the Roy Moore case, and its implications for US politics and society in the context of widening allegations of sexual impropriety by entertainers, business people, politicians, clergy, teachers, and others. Has sexual misconduct increased, or has our acceptance of it decreased?

    Garland and Lee will also discuss the mainstream media's increasing "McCarthyism" against viewpoints they don't approve of, and widening efforts to censor and suppress information that challenges the establishment narrative. Is this effort to control and silence dissent a dangerous threat to freedom in the United States and the rest of the west? Are the attacks against Russia needlessly increasing tensions between to two nuclear superpowers?

    The hosts and guests will analyze top news stories and issues including the Saudi internal crackdown, its war in Yemen, and concerns they're holding the (former) Lebanese Prime Minister hostage; the catastrophic earthquake in Iran; Trump's trip abroad; healthcare as a human right; the corporate Democrats' war on progressives; the Texas 2nd Congressional Race; and other major news items.

    Scheduled guests include: Joe Lauria veteran foreign-affairs journalist reporting from Egypt topic: Suppressed Russiagate article; Darnell Jones — (Brand New Congress) Candidate for Congress in Texas' 2nd Congressional District; John Kiriakou: Co-host of 'Loud and Clear' — Topic: Removal from European Parliament Panel; Brittany Shannahan Lead Organizer, Healthcare Is A Human Right Maryland topic Healthcare is a human right; Dr. Bill Honigman (ER physician, Bernie Delegate) on Healthcare and Corporate Democrats' war on progresasives; Paul Gattis — Longtime Reporter in Alabama Topic: Fallout from Roy Moore Allegations.

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