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    Double Down

    Double Down 2019

    Double Down
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    On today’s episode of Double Down, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look back at the chaotic end to 2018 and what the year ahead might hold in store for investors.

    As 2018 ended on a chaotic note of historic stock market gyrations — from the worst Christmas Eve for the Dow in history to the great point rise in history only days later — what does 2019 hold in store for investors. Max Keiser discusses the program trading, the algorithms and computers driving markets to all-time highs as well as the flash crashes and down markets for which they are blamed. They look at Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's bizarre call to the six biggest banks and the subsequent convening of the so-called ‘Plunge Protection Team' to ensure orderly markets. Max and Stacy look at Trump's order to withdraw troops from Syria and whether or not that will be allowed in 2019. Join Max and Stacy on the American stock market roller coaster ride as they look ahead at these topics and a whole lot more!

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