13:45 GMT30 July 2021
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    'Fourth Generation Espionage', Trump’s Letter to Khan, 'Crimean Corridor'

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    The head of the British Secret Intelligence Services (MI6) Alex Younger briefed the public about the challenges of so-called “fourth generation espionage”, which actually isn’t all that different in principle from what the world’s second-oldest profession has been confronting for millennia.

    This week's program starts off by explaining why the Nigerian President had to publicly deny rumors that he died and was replaced by a body double. Then it moves along to discussing why Microsoft is offering its full support to the US military. After that, the next segment debunks Ukrainian President Poroshenko's fake news fearmongering about Russia's supposed plans to create a so-called "Crimean Corridor" between Donbas and the peninsula. Once that's done, the penultimate topic that we tackle is the reason why Trump wrote to the Pakistani Prime Minister for assistance in facilitating peace talks with the Taliban. And finally, our stop story of the week is the head of the British Secret Intelligence Services (MI6) Alex Younger briefing the public about the challenges of so-called "fourth generation espionage".

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