08:14 GMT26 February 2021
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    The Pentagon’s Indo-Pacific Command, Babchenko False Flag, Russia & Rwanda

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    The US military’s rechristening of its Pacific Command to the Indo-Pacific Command is a strong signal of its growing interest in India and its eponymous ocean.

    We begin this week's program by explaining the reason why landlocked Ethiopia wants to build a navy. Then we take a look at the importance — if any — of NATO declaring that it won't intervene in support of Israel if it goes to war with Iran. After that, we discuss the reason why Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited the tiny Central African country of Rwanda and what it reveals about the country's new strategy towards the continent. Once that's done, we analyze the meaning of self-exiled Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko's false flag "assassination" in Kiev. And finally, our top story of the week is how the US military's rechristening of its Pacific Command to the Indo-Pacific Command strongly signals its growing interest in India and its eponymous ocean.

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